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Parking Violations & Fines

These regulations are internal administrative regulations of the University and do not replace state laws or municipal ordinances.

  1. No valid permit displayed – required in all lots.
  2. Improper display of permit – only current, valid permits may be displayed; permit must be hung from rear view mirror post.
  3. Parking in posted or marked areas – no parking zones, fire lane, yellow curbs, blocking traffic, roadway or another vehicle, loading/unloading zones, exceeding posted time limits.
  4. Expired meter – any vehicle parking at a meter must pay the meter. An MU parking permit does not excuse you from paying the meter. Meters are enforced Monday through Thursday 7AM to 7:00PM and Friday 7AM to 4:00PM.
  5. Line straddling – any vehicle parking across the lines in designated spaces taking up more than one parking space. Double parked.
  6. Parking in an area other than the area authorized by the permit displayed – (i.e. E permit in S or B designated parking areas)
  7. Speeding and unsafe driving on the University property.
  8. Displaying an altered permit.
  9. Displaying a fraudulently obtained permit. This permit has been reported stolen or lost.
  10. Using an old citation from another day or location in an attempt not to receive another.
  11. Parking in a reserved space without proper permit displayed.
  12. Parking in a disabled space without proper disabled permit, MU permit or disabled license plate.


Fines for parking violations are charged to the permit holder. If there is no permit, fines will be charged to the person that the vehicle is registered to or to a student or employee who is a family member of the vehicle’s owner.

A citation(ticket) will be issued for violations once every calendar day. The exception to this rule are timed parking (i.e. meters) where a citation may be issued more than once within a time restriction.


Violation Fine
Fire lane $15.00
Handicapped Space $100.00
No Parking Zone $15.00
Loading Zone $15.00
Blocking traffic, roadway, or parked vehicles $15.00
Double parked $15.00
Parked over line $15.00
Limited Time zone $15.00
On sidewalk, crosswalk, grass, barricaded areas, building entrances and exits $15.00


Violation Fine
Lot parking without permit $15.00
Parking out of assigned area $15.00
Expired permit $15.00
Improper display of permit $15.00

EXPIRED QUARTER METER                      $5.00

NOTE: You must make your payment or appeal within 10 (ten) business days.


The University Police Department and/or Parking Office is authorized to remove from the campus any vehicle parked in violation of the parking regulations at the owner’s expense.  The enforcement policy is as follows, a vehicle will not be towed without specific approval from the Director of Office of Public Safety.

  • The vehicle is blocking traffic and causing unsafe conditions for traffic flow.
  • A vehicle has a stolen permit displayed.
  • A vehicle displaying an altered permit.
  • A vehicle that has received a tow warning and has not responded.

The vehicle is considered towed once the tow service has been called.  The owner or operator must pay the towing fee to the towing service.  If there are unpaid parking citations, payment must be paid before the vehicle is released from the towing service.




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