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Visitors are always welcome at Marshall University. There are a number of parking choices available to visitors on the Marshall campus during the business day, Monday thru Friday, 8am to 5pm.   Visitors parking on the Marshall University Campus may use the 6th Avenue Parking Facility which charges by the hour and is cash only, pay to park in metered parking spaces or obtain a temporary parking permit for the day from the Office of Public Safety, Parking Enforcement office.    On-street metered parking is maintained by the City of Huntington.


Utilize the park and pay lot between Corbly Hall and the Marshall University bookstore on 5th avenue. The charge is $1.00 per hour and the area has a time limit of two hours.

Procedure to use the park and pay lot meter located next to Corbly Hall:

  1. Touch the screen and this will make the instructional display appear.  Once this is available you may select either one hour or two hours and should prompt you to insert your money.  This should give you a receipt.
  2. Please place your receipt on your dashboard to show you have paid.


Visitors, or individuals not enrolled or employed by the university must display a parking permit while using campus parking spaces during regular business hours. Visitor permits are issued by the Parking Enforcement Office at 1801 5th located in the office of Public Safety building. The office hours are 8:00AM to 4:30PM Monday through Friday. The permit temporarily registers the vehicle and allows parking in various areas of the campus; the fee for a one-day Visitor permit is $3.00.

All parking facilities, except the parking meters, require a parking permit during enforcement hours. It is the responsibility of faculty, staff or students to make parking arrangements for their visitors. Parking regulations are enforced throughout the entire calendar year and are not directly associated with the class schedule. Parking Enforcement hours are: Monday-Thursday 7AM to 7PM and Friday 7AM to 4PM.
Specialized permits i.e., John Marshall Society and Emeritus permits cannot be used in the meter lots.


The regular semester operational hours for the 6th Avenue Parking Facility will be Monday thru Friday, 7am to 11pm. There will be no overnight parking. Any vehicle that is not moved before the facility closes at 11pm will be locked up in the facility and cannot be retrieved until the next morning.  Regular Semester Operational hours are: Monday through Friday, 7:00am to 11:00pm (SIGNS ARE POSTED). SPECIAL SUMMER HOURS ARE:  MAY 7TH THORUGH AUGUST 18, 2018 MONDAY-FRIDAY 7:30AM TO 5:30PM  (SIGNS ARE POSTED).

This parking facility is intended for guests, students and employees to the Marshall University campus to pay a fee based on the amount of time they are parked within the facilityA ticket will be retrieve upon entering the parking facility. When you exit the parking facility, the ticket will determine the amount due.

The hourly rate charge will be 50 cents. Credit cards, debit cards or parking permits are NOT accepted. CASH ONLY.


If you have an appointment with any office on campus, or attending a special event on-campus during the university’s business week it is likely the MU campus contact has made parking arrangements with the Office of Public Safety, Parking Enforcement Office.

Please contact your event sponsor or give us a call at 304-696-6406. Knowing about your event’s parking arrangements can save you time and eliminate a parking citation. Visitors are expected to comply with university parking and traffic regulations and are held responsible for citations issued for incorrect or improper parking.


The parking lots for home football game parking are controlled by the Athletics Department.

Please call Andrew Brown, Associate Athletic Director (304-696-3665) for information about vehicle parking and tailgating for the football games.

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