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Marshall University offers more than 100 majors and areas of emphasis for undergraduate students, providing you with amazing opportunities to prepare for your future. Many students apply to Marshall with a specific major in mind. Find out if we offer what you are looking for here.

If you aren’t sure of a major and are looking for something that will best fit your interests, take our career interest inventory.

Want to know more about our majors and how they connect to future careers? Visit our Career Services website or give them a call at 304-696-2370.


What degree programs does Marshall offer?
Where are you located?
How much is tuition?
How do I get scholarships?
When will I find out about financial aid?
Can students get jobs on campus?
How do I schedule a campus visit?
What are the admissions requirements?
When should I apply?
When is the application deadline?
How do I apply?
Do you accept AP credit?
What if I retake the ACT/SAT?
How many students attend Marshall?
What is the average class size? How about the student/faculty ratio?
Can freshmen have cars on campus?
How long do I have to live on campus?
How safe is campus?
Is alcohol/smoking allowed on campus?
Do you have study abroad?
Can students get internships?
Do you have to be a music major to be in band?
Is Marshall public or private?

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