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  • screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-3-49-58-pmGoing Beyond the College Admission Sales Pitch – What would you ask your college admissions specialists when you see them in the world of college fairs and “Apply on the Spot” events? This Forbes article by contributor Willard Dix says, “To gain a relatively comprehensive view of campus, you need to go beyond the admission office for a more unvarnished picture of what to expect.”


  • Five Conversations Parents and College Students Should Have Before the First Year of College – The college selection process is hectic and stressful and exciting and fun all at the same time but it is important to make sure all of the ducks (both yours and your student’s) are in their proper rows. To begin, here is a list of conversation topics and questions you may want to bring up to your student before the end of their last high school summer off.


  • College Parents of America Logo6 Tips for Talking With Your College Student – We all want to be there for our children and make sure we are helping in the best way we can. Sometimes, though, we can come off overbearing, prying, or like we’re not listening fully to what our students are trying to say. This article, featured on College parents of America, gives some tips on finding the right place, time, and comfort level for your student to talk. We all have things we want to say and finding the right moment to say it is easier than we think.


  • 7 Tips on How to be a Great College Parent – The journey from full-family meals to feelings of “empty table syndrome” is a difficult one to make but rest assured, many have made it and you can too. In this article, College Parents of America details seven tips to getting through the most difficult transition, college. With topics such as younger syblings, parting words, and what to do with the now-empty bedroom of a new college student, this article may be what you need as a parent to find your vital role in your college student’s life.


College Checklist Podcast, hosted by Lauren Gaggioli, is a great tool for help in the college process.
  • The College Checklist Podcast | Stress-Free College Admissions Guidance – Check out this college-centered podcast for great information on topics such as Financial Organization, The Power of College Internships, Test Prep and more! Podcast host Lauren Gaggioli interviews college admissions experts and gives answers to the most complicated questions in the college admissions process.




  • How Much Can You Afford to Borrow for College?– Knowing your student loan facts can make a world of difference in the after-school life. Get in the know with this College Financial Aid Advisors article by Jodi Kun and be sure to visit her other articles by touching/clicking her name in the byline for more great information on borrowing and paying for college.


  • An opinion article in the New York Times by David L. Kirp.Conquering the Freshman Fear of Failing – “The field of education is littered with fine ideas that never go beyond the hothouse of the lab.” In an opinion column in the New York Times, David L. Kirp describes the Freshman Fear of Failing and considers ways to overcome this psychological, and future-corrosive, affliction plaguing many first-year students.


  • 15 to Finish:Encouraging Students to Redefine “Full-Time” – Will your student be on the right path to graduation? Do you and your student understand the “15 to Finish” initiative? This interview with Risa Dickson, Vice President of Academic Affairs for University of Hawaii details the importance and necessity of taking an average of 15 credit hours per semester.


  • Guide to College Admissions Process – The College Admissions process can be complicated but with the right advice and a little guidance from the pros, you and your student can reimagine the “nightmare” of admissions as the beginning step to a successful college career.