University College Advising FAQ

Why do I need to meet with my academic advisor?
Who is my advisor?
When should I meet with my advisor?
How do I schedule an appointment with my advisor?
Do I need to meet with an advisor before I register for classes?
When do I register for next semester?
How do I register for classes?
What classes should I take next semester?
Where can I find the classes that will be offered next semester?
Where can I find descriptions of courses?
What is a registration hold and how do I get it removed?
What is a pre-requisite?
Can my advisor register me for a class that is closed?
How do I find online courses or courses offered at a satellite campus such as Mid-Ohio Valley Center (MOVC), Teays Valley Regions Center (TVRC), or South Charleston?
Where can I find information about Information Technology resources that are available to me?
Where can I find academic policies, academic requirements, and the 4-year plans for every degree?
What are the policies for academic probation, academic suspension, and academic dismissal?
What majors are available at Marshall University?
How long can I be an undeclared student?
What should I do if I want to explore a major?
How can I tell if courses will count toward my graduation?
How do I change my major?
How can I find out what my requirements would be if I change my major?
What is the D/F Repeat Rule?
May I repeat a course if it is not covered under the D/F Repeat Rule?
How and when can I add/drop a course?
How do I withdraw from a course?
Where can I find a sample syllabus for my courses?
What credit do I get for my AP, IB, or ACT scores?
Can I take courses at another institution and receive credit?
If I have taken courses at another institution, will all of the credit hours be accepted?
How many hours are considered full-time?
How many hours are needed for each level of class standing?
How do I calculate my GPA?
Where do I get proof of enrollment?
How do I get an official copy of my transcript?
How do I find out when my final exams are scheduled?
What if I am scheduled to take three exams in one day?
What can I do if I believe my professor has graded me incorrectly or unfairly?
How and where do I find a tutor?
How and where do I find help with my writing skills?
How do I find a major?
How do I find an internship?
Where may I talk to a counselor about personal issues?
Where can I find help getting involved on campus?
Where can Veterans go on campus to learn more about campus services available to them?

University College

Communications Building Room 212
Tel: 304-696-3169
Monday – Friday
8am – 5pm

Tutoring Services
Communications Building Room 211
Tel: 304-696-6622
Monday – Thursday, 9:00am – 7:00pm
Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm

Contact List

Sherri Stepp
Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Director of University College
Communications Building Room 212-D

Sabrina Simpson
Director of New Student Orientation
Coordinator of Tutoring Services
Communication Building Room 211-A

Christopher Atkins
Academic Counselor
Communications Building Room 212-J

Amber Bentley
Academic Counselor
Advising Coordinator
Communications Building Room 212-B

Patricia Gallagher
Academic Counselor
Communications Building Room 212-F

Robyn Stafford
Academic Counselor
Communications Building Room 212-H

Robin Taylor
Academic Counselor
Coordinator of National Student Exchange
Communications Building Room 212-K

Valerie Smith
Administrative Associate
Communications Building Room 212-E