Math Placement Exam

Placement exams are not being administered on-site at this time due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Remote testing options for the Accuplacer are available.  Please call 304-696-3169 to request additional information.

Marshall University offers the ACCUPLACER Next-Generation, Advanced Algebra and Functions (AAF) test for student who wish to challenge their math ACT or SAT scores. This computer-adaptive, 20 question, multiple-choice test isn’t timed.

Below are a few frequently asked questions about the math placement exam.

What is the purpose of the math placement exam?

The math placement exam may be taken by students who do not have ACT or SAT scores or by students who would like to challenge their ACT or SAT scores.  You can NOT lower your current ACT/SAT scores by taking this test.  High school students planning to enroll in college level math must have ACT or SAT scores prior to taking the placement test.

What placement test will I take?

Marshall administers the ACCUPLACER Next-Generation, Advanced Algebra and Functions (AAF) math exam.

What type of math problems can I expect on the test?

Next-Generation Advanced Algebra and Functions (AAF) assesses the following knowledge and skills:

  • Linear Equations
  • Linear Applications and Graphs
  • Factoring
  • Quadratics
  • Functions
  • Radical and Rational Equations
  • Polynomial Equations
  • Exponential and Logarithmic Equations
  • Trigonometry

When can I take a placement exam?

Students must first contact University College to establish a placement test account.  Once registered, the ACCUPLACER math placement test can be scheduled for a later date through the Examity Proctoring Service.  The test is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Where can I take the placement exam?

The ACCUPLACER math placement test is given through a remote proctoring system.  You can decide where to take the test, but you must be alone in a quiet room without disruptions.  For additional information, please visit Examity Proctoring Service.

How much will be charged to take the exam?

When will I know my results?

After testing, your scores will be emailed to your MU email account and posted to your record within 24 hours (with the exception of weekends).  However, certification of the results could take up to four business days.

What happens if I score lower than my ACT/SAT score?

Don’t worry.  If the ACT/SAT score has you placed in a higher level class, you will be allowed to stay in that class.

How many times can a student take the math placement exam?

The math placement exam can be taken 3 times while pursuing an undergraduate degree at Marshall.  There must be at least two weeks between tests.

What happens if I don’t cancel my math placement test appointment?

It is your responsibility to reschedule the test through Examity Proctoring Service and follow their directions and policies on the procedure.  You need to inform the University College Placement Test Administrator of the missed appointment and rescheduled appointment time.  Please email or call 304-696-3169.

Should I study before taking the placement exam?

Yes, you should prepare to take the exam.  If you don’t take the exam seriously, you won’t be successful.  The test is difficult and is similar to the ACT/SAT math test; so, if you had difficulties with that test without preparing, you will see similar results on the placement test.

If you are not familiar with one of the above topics please review the study guide or use the below links to practice:

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