University Studies (UNI) Courses

University Studies courses are courses designed to assist students in specific transitions in college.  Please click on the tabs below to see a course description of each.


UNI 100 Freshman First Class: (1 credit hour; graded)

An introduction to the academic structures and expectations of the University, this course is available to all entering freshmen in the fall semester.  The course includes participation in Week of Welcome.  UNI 100 courses are facilitated by staff members from across the campus community and include an upperclassman student peer mentor to assist you in the course.

Dedicated sections of this course for conditionally admitted students include an in-depth introduction to college life, covering areas such as academic expectations and skills, personal adjustments, and social issues. The course provides students with an opportunity to adjust to the academic and social environment of college under the guidance of an advisor and in the presence of a small group of peers.

How Do I Register for UNI 100?

Conditionally admitted students are registered for UNI 100 during orientation after consultation with an academic advisor in University College. You may contact your advisor or University College at

What’s the Format?

UNI 100 is a one-credit hour course which is graded. It is taught in a non-traditional, non-lecture style. Some sections may be offered for 8 weeks and meet twice a week but most are offered for 16 weeks and meet once a week.

UNI 100 Goals for Conditionally Admitted Students:

-provide an opportunity for students to establish a relationship with their academic advisors

-introduce practical study skills such as time management, effective note taking and reading

-build library research skills

-enhance written and oral communication skills

-identify goals for career and personal growth

-provide opportunities for students to meet other students

-involve students in the total life of Marshall University

-teach students rules, regulations, and academic procedures

-enhance a respect for diversity and awareness as a member of the University community

-introduce services, resources, and opportunities

UNI 102 Strategies for Academic Success: (1 credit hour; graded)

An academic enrichment course which provides students with strategies and practical experience for academic success. Topics to be covered include research skills, critical thinking applications, and effective study skills.  This course is open to all University students. UNI 102 is typically taught by University College staff.

UNI 103 Career Planning for Undecided Students: (1 credit hour; graded) 

Designed for undecided college students. Helps explore career options and majors. Topics include interest testing, career information, decision-making skills, and job finding strategies. This course is typically limited to undecided students and students who have indicated they are considering a change in their academic major. UNI 103 is typically taught by University College or Career Services staff.

UNI 104 Advanced Strategies for Academic Success: (1 credit hour; graded) 

Course provides practical strategies for assessing personal and academic challenges, honing critical thinking skills to make informed decisions, improving learning and time management skills, and tracking progress toward personal goals. 

UNI 201 Peer Mentoring: (1 credit hour; graded) 

Students trained as peer advisors will lead discussions and campus field trips, and work with faculty advisors in the design and implementation of the freshman introduction to campus life and classes. This course is open to returning students who have expressed an interest in leadership. There is an application process for enrollment in this course. Selected students must commit to assisting with Week of Welcome activities and must complete training before entering the classroom as a peer mentor.

UNI 202 Introduction to Scholarship: (1 credit hour; graded) 

Prepares students to participate in an active research team with the guidance of (a) faculty research mentor(s) pursuing a line of research.

UNI 203 Scholarship of Discovery: (3 credit hours; graded) 

Engages students in original research that advances knowledge and seeks to improve community conditions. 

UNI 304 Scholarship of Application: (3 credit hours; graded) 

Empowers students to synthesize information and knowledge gained from original research.

UNI 400 Graduate School Preparation: (2 credit hours; graded) 

This class will provide necessary steps, tools, and resources future graduates need in completing their undergraduate careers and pursuing graduate degrees. Designed for students graduating within one year. (PR: Junior standing). This course is open to juniors and seniors who plan to apply to graduate programs. UNI 400 is taught by the Director of University College and the Director of Student Support Services. 



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