Week of Welcome (WOW)

Save the Date: August 16-21, 2021

Welcome Class of 2026

Week of Welcome (WOW) is part of the First Year Experience at Marshall University. WOW serves as more than a class or program; it is an experience that is essential to the success of first-year students at Marshall. It is a collaborative, introductory effort to welcome, educate and socialize freshmen to the Marshall University campus, academic expectations, personnel, resources and traditions during the first few weeks of the fall semester. The full schedule for Week of Welcome 2022 will be available late summer. Check back for additional information.

Through Week of Welcome and UNI 100 students will

  • Understand what it means to be an accountable member of the Marshall Family
  • Identify and understand important academic and campus resources, procedures and policies to create a successful Marshall experience
  • Explore essential technology that will aid in student success
  • Develop positive and influential relationships with university officials and peers

Marshall’s Week of Welcome is an opportunity for students to ease the transition into college and so much more! It’s a time to find out what it means to be a son or daughter of Marshall University and to get acquainted with campus before upperclassmen return. It’s a time to learn how to take advantage of the academic and support services provided, meet new friends and HAVE FUN! 

UNI 100: Freshman First Class

WOW is an integral part of  UNI 100 Freshman First Class. UNI 100 is a graded class that serves as an introduction to academic structures and expectations of college life. UNI 100 is literally the first class most freshmen will take at Marshall. Successful completion of the course earns one hour of elective credit. Attendance at the required WOW activities and weekly class sessions (the first eight weeks of the semester) will play a large role in the grade students earn.

Additional Resources

Many campus offices offer extended hours for our students during Week of Welcome. We’ve also compiled a list of  frequently used phone numbers and university websites to assist students in finding additional assistance as needed. Our interactive map of the Huntington campus is available to help students locate campus buildings, parking and more.

See you at WOW!

Questions? Contact us by calling 304-696-3169 or emailing wow@marshall.edu.

Need IT help? Check out our new IT Student Guide!


WOW Activities