Virtual Sessions

Required Virtual Sessions

Below you will find details for the three virtual sessions required for UNI 100. Choose to attend any of the below session times based on your availability. Please check your personal WOW schedule to choose the sessions that work best for you. Once you choose your sessions, use the links below to join during the specified times.

We Are Family: A Cultural Diversity Experience

At Marshall University, we are open to all — where all truly means ALL! This session introduces students to the many benefits of living, learning and socializing in a global society with people of different origins, ethnicities, races, religious beliefs, sexual orientations and political persuasions — all on one campus. Through a combination of thought-provoking videos and intentional conversations, students will develop new perspectives and a deeper understanding of how our differences can bring us together.

Step In, Speak Up!

A bystander intervention workshop aimed at empowering students to create a safe and respectful campus culture. This training equips participants with the confidence, skills and resources they need to address everyday issues related to mental health, substance use and sexual and interpersonal violence.

Allies Supporting Neurodiversity on Campus

This session is a project by the West Virginia Autism Training Center’s Allies Supporting Autism Spectrum Diversity (ASASD), which works to educate students who wish to provide a safe and accepting environment for those living with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Learn to advocate for diversity and promote understanding in order to support and develop acceptance and inclusion within higher education.


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