The School of Art and Design offers a wide range of experiences in Traditional and Innovative Printmaking. Students are exposed to contemporary approaches utilizing printmaking techniques for the development of ideas and art on and off paper. Beginning and advanced classes concentrate on the investigation of form and content as it relates to printmaking processes in intaglio, lithography, relief, serigraphy, letterpress, and papermaking.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking requires students a minimum of 24 studio hours that focus on a concentration of two or more printmaking processes, the completion of a technical or shop manual, final portfolio review, and senior exhibition. Participants are encouraged to attend professional organizations annual meetings, conferences, and workshops in preparation for graduation.

Printmaking promotes individual and collaborative student projects that include potential interdisciplinary assignments within the School of Art & Design in Graphic Design, Alternative Photography, Digital Printmaking, and the Book Arts. Students are expected to develop a well-researched historical and social context for their work. A thorough investigation of techniques related to the processes for printmaking is intended to raise the student’s awareness and critical thinking in the Printmaking studio. This intensive education and training provides students with a solid foundation to pursue career opportunities in the visual arts.