As we enter the third decade of the 21st century, studying art and design at Marshall University is an exciting prospect. We encourage you to approach your studies with creativity, innovation, and academic rigor. Our goal is to support you by providing a fair and hands-on learning environment, opportunities for collaboration, mentorship, professional outreach, and exhibitions Our dedicated faculty will nurture your creative voice, helping you to grow artistically and intellectually. With knowledge and skills in both traditional and new media, you will be well-equipped to join the ranks of our graduates who lead creative and socially responsible lives as professional artists, designers, educators, and scholars.

Please remember that being a successful student involves active participation in your courses, and co-curricular activities such as gallery exhibits, artist talks, competitions, conferences, internships, student groups, school travel, study abroad, and community projects. Your advisor will help you identify opportunities that will have the most beneficial impact and help you take advantage of the many support opportunities available to students on campus.


With this in mind, you can begin exploring the links below.

Center for Student Success: Friend-at-Marshall program, Textbook support, academic counseling, and more!

Student Support Services: Apply to receive support from this amazing program. Academic advising, financial aid assistance, free printing, one-on-one support, educational and social programs, study skills courses, tutoring, and post-graduate assistance.

Career Education: Resume assistance, internships (Handshake), freelance work (Upwork), student groups, Social Media and the Job Search and more!

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