Students in fibers explore the discipline as a means of individual expression while studying traditional and contemporary techniques for weaving and surface design. Students learn to operate floor and table looms, pattern making, rug tufting, felting, embroidery, and more to create two and three-dimensional works. They also explore immersion dyeing, silk painting, batik, and silkscreen printing. The students have the freedom to create artwork in interdisciplinary media and combine their fibers experiences and skills with their painting, ceramics, sculpture, and more. Click here to see the Degree Outlines.




What is it like to be a fibers student at Marshall?

Our life is surrounded by textiles: clothing, bed covers, pillows, curtains, garments, backpacks, etc. Fibers students study the design and production of textiles. They study historical processes traditional techniques, contemporary skills, and current trends to develop their creative voice and start their careers as artists or/and designers. Students enter the emphasis in the third or fourth semester after the Foundations Review. Students then work with their advisor to develop an individualized plan of study.



Advanced students concentrate on textile design, the creation of functional fiber products, or the use of fibers as a means of artistic expression. Each student is required to take eight courses in the emphasis to develop a mastery of media, craftsmanship, aesthetic sensibility, and their creative voice. The School of Art & Design supports interdisciplinary approaches and fibers students produce a wide array of works from quilts to clothing and needle-felted characters, sculptural work to immersive fibers installations. The culmination of the BFA is a Capstone project which is exhibited in one of the Visual Art Center Galleries.



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