Painting is recognized as one of the oldest forms of artmaking in human civilization. Contemporary painting embodies traditional practices and innovations in mixed and digital media and continues to be at the forefront of artistic and historical discourse. Click here to see the Degree Outlines.

What is it like to be a painting student at Marshall?

Students begin with foundation classes that teach theory, and technique, and offer a deeper understanding of art history, world cultures, and contemporary art. As the student advances, this knowledge informs the development of their artistic voice.


Painting in the School of Art & Design is firmly rooted in the exchange between traditional approaches and twenty-first-century developments in the field. Course exercises cultivate reflection, intuition, discipline, and craft and instructors vary their approach as students gain skill and experience. Advanced painting students are free to explore and develop their voice through imagery and a range of media and applications.


The Painting curriculum is flexible challenging students to consider contemporary painting in a broad and personal context, developing both intellectual and technical independence. Painters learn to confidently take risks in their work, to define their own artistic position and vision, which leads to a lifetime of creative exploration.



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