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Graphic Designers create typefaces, brand logos, ads, web pages, magazines layouts, video game environments, characters, UI Designs, book layouts, store displays, motion graphics, animations, etc! They are proficient in many media and do work that communicates to and resonates with their audience. All fields use graphic design in some way; it is an important art that profoundly impacts business and the economy. Whether it is in the form of advertising, news, entertainment or art, Graphic Design has a powerful effect on the way the public is aware of their political and social environment. As a result, student work constantly explores the responsibility of artists and designers to affect change in the world in which they produce work, and live. Click here to see the Degree Outlines.

What is it like to be a graphic design student at Marshall?

The School of Art and Design at Marshall University prepares you for this important field with a good foundation in art, specific courses in design, web design, illustration and digital media, and many opportunities to experience the real world of graphic design service in the community. Courses in art history and graphic design history, as well as a rich general education cache of courses prepare you for your future in the 21st century of fast-paced communication.

MU student, Tom Pickens, presenting his senior portfolio to regional professionals

What is it like to be a graphic design student at Marshall?
Your studies begin with art foundations courses followed by discipline-specific courses in typography, design, web design, illustration, and digital media. There are opportunities in the program to specialize in print media, new media, web design, and more. Some students choose to expand their opportunities by minoring in marketing, business, game design, or advertising. Graphic Design students are required to intern on or off campus, and beyond that many pursue freelance work or enter full employment in the later portion of their studies. See the Career Education website to get started today. At the end of the program, students present a Capstone exhibition and participate in a formal Portfolio review with professional designers. They also have many opportunities to exhibit their work, participate in design competitions, school trips to NYC, or professional conferences, or take advantage of study abroad opportunities through KIIS.

Graphic Design is an ever-expanding field that encompasses a vast array of ways to present audiences with information. Correspondingly, media technology is constantly proliferating, and as it does, the demand for designers who create content for that media is constantly expanding. Students studying today can choose to work in publishing, merchandise marketing, signage design, web design, motion graphics design, animation, as well as many other multimedia possibilities. As such, a designer’s most valuable assets are versatility and the ability to adapt to change. In our program, students learn to merge their creativity with the latest trends in design, and technological innovation.


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