Visual Art and Design

The B.A. in Visual Art and Design best suits students who wish to combine studio art and a minor or second degree in another discipline. Students may also complete an internship appropriate to their emphasis and outside field. Click here to see the Degree Outlines.

What is it like to be a BA student in the Visual Art and Design emphasis at Marshall?
Students begin with foundation classes that teach theory, and technique, and offer a deeper understanding of art history, world cultures, and contemporary art. As the student advances, this knowledge informs the development of their artistic voice. Studio classes in the later portion of the degree are chosen in consultation with the student’s academic advisor.

BA students also select a minor or second major in consultation with their academic advisor. Art degrees teach critical thinking, problem-solving, aesthetic sensibility, and marketable skills. Think of your minor as a way to develop a skill set that will enhance your artistic talents.

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