Community Service Leadership Program (CSLP)

Student Team to Promote STEM Education


Community Service Leadership Program (CSLP) in the College of Engineering and Computer Sciences at Marshall University provides an opportunity for some selected Marshall students to develop Leadership skills and professionalism and promote computing and engineering education in the community.

The CSLP has been an integral part of the extra-curricular activities of the Computer Sciences and Electrical Engineering Department. The students in CSLP have been engaged in various activities such as mentoring middle and high school students for VEX Robotics, hosting computing workshops for K-12 students, supporting CS A-Z Sumer Camp, Cybersecurity Camps, and other fun activities. To continue computing education during the COVID 19 pandemic, the CSLP created remote computing sessions using Google Classrooms and e-conferencing tools (Zoom or Teams) to provide various hands-on STEM activities for high school students, as shown below:

Title: Pixel Art Using Python
Aims: Understand the bitmap method, one of the ways computers express graphics and pictures, Experience programming using a simple programming language, Python.
Requirements: Computer, Internet, Browser, Gmail/Email Account
Grade: 8 – 12


Title: Circuit Simulation
Aims: Create a simple battery and resistor circuit, Understand the relationship between current, voltage, and resistance, Learn the difference between parallel and series circuits.
Requirements: Computer, Internet, Browser, Adobe Flash Player, Gmail/Email Account
Grade: 8-12 (AP Physics)


Title: Basics of Power Transfer
Aims: Introduce the power transferring process from a generation plant to the consumer, Show how losses occur during transmission, and create a simple model.
Requirements: Computer, Internet, Browser, PowerWorld Simulator (optional) to create a simulation, Gmail/Email Account
Grade: 9-12


Title: Scratch Gam
Aims: To introduce programming syntax using block coding and Scratch with block coding style to students, Develop a simple and fun racing game.
Requirements: Computer, Internet, Browser, Gmail/Email Account
Grade: 3-8



Title: Mobile App with App Inventor
Aims: To introduce programming syntax using block coding and mobile application with block coding style to students, Develop a simple mobile application for Android
Requirements: Computer, Internet, Browser, Android Mobile Phone, Gmail/Email Account
Grade: 6-12



We welcome all local K-12 schools to participate in any or all of the remote activities listed above. If you would like to receive more information on the program or are interested in arranging a remote hands-on session for your students as a K-12 educator, please feel free to contact Ms. Dawn Rayburn at


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