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Seth Tackett

Safety Technology


1. Why did you choose Safety Technology as your major?
I was originally a Computer Science major and after I figured out it was mostly reading and writing code, I figured out that I couldn’t speak computer. Safety Technology was a way for me to stay within the college of Engineering and pursue a degree that I felt was challenging but rewarding. I didn’t realize how important safety was until I started doing research on OSHA and how it plays a role in our lives everyday. I figured if I can impact the workforce in some way then I’d be contributing to society to make it better.

2. When did you decide you wanted to pursue that major?
After my first year in the Computer Science major I realized it just wasn’t for me and I was talking to one of my friends about it and he suggested the safety program which he was in so I looked up the course catalog for it and it looked pretty interesting so Iv’e been hooked ever since.

3. What influenced your decision?
Mainly the courses that are offered. No matter what, safety will always play a factor and so there is a broad study of topics available from ergonomics to OSHA legislation, and oil and gas drilling just to name a few. It’s a very interesting field of study.

4. Why did you choose to attend Marshall University?
I grew up listening to my dad yelling at the television and cheering when Marshall was playing football games and ever since then I knew that’s where I was going. I’m a die hard Marshall fan no matter what and I bleed green.

5. What has been your favorite Safety Technology class as a student and why?
Although I am getting a bit of a late start with this major I’d say my favorite class so far has been Incident Investigation with Professor Conlon. That class really opened my eyes in regards to how safety is applied and why it is here in the first place. We’re striving to make the workplace a place where people can come in and have the comfort of knowing what they are doing is safe and that they can go home to their families every night.

6. What do you plan to do after graduation?
After graduation I hope to get a safety position in the manufacturing business somewhere because that is where I feel the need is the most for safety personnel. Also if there is a position open with the Army, I would be more than happy to continue my career with the National Guard and apply my knowledge of safety at the same time


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