Information for Undergraduate Students

Academic Probation and Suspension

To review these policies, refer to the Marshall University Undergraduate Catalog.

Students currently on Academic Probation will comply with the CECS Academic Improvement Plan policy.


All first year students (students with 0-25 credit hours), all undecided students, and all Engineering Transfer students must meet with their advisor prior to registering each semester.

To find out who your advisor is, log in to MyMU. Click the “Student” tab and your advisor is listed on the left hand side as well as your current major.

Changing your Major

Transferring Within Your Current College

Students who wish to change majors within their current college must visit their College Dean’s office (Arthur Weisberg Family Applied Engineering Complex – Suite 2103 for CECS students). Allow about 15 minutes to complete the paperwork necessary to change majors.

The information below is an excerpt from the Marshall University Undergraduate Catalog:

Inter-College Transfer

Students who wish to transfer to another college must initiate the request in the office of their current college. Eligibility to transfer or be admitted to a college is established by each college. The dean of the college to which the student is transferring must approve the transfer. Each college’s requirements for admission are listed in the college’s section of the catalog. Students who are not in Good Academic Standing (who do not have a 2.0 Overall and Marshall GPA) may have to remain in their present college until they return to Good Academic Standing.

Exception: Individuals who are returning to the university from one or more years of active military duty may enter the college of their choice, provided they meet that college’s entrance requirements.

Credit Evaluation

To see an up-to-date Degree Evaluation, log in to MyMU. Click the “Student tab” and then click on the link titled “Degree Works for Students”. You can view all courses completed, in-progress and needed for your degree, use a GPA calculator, and also perform “What-if” scenarios on alternative/additional majors and minors.

D/F Repeat Rule (Repeating Courses)

If a student earns a grade of “D” or “F” (including failures due to regular and/or irregular withdrawal) on any course taken no later than the semester or summer term during which the student attempts the sixtieth semester hour, and if that student repeats this course prior to the receipt of a baccalaureate degree, the original grade shall be disregarded and the grade or grades earned, excluding a W, when the course is repeated shall be used in determining his/her grade point average. The original grade shall not be deleted from the student’s record.

Whenever a student plans to repeat a course under the D/F Repeat Rule, he/she must fill out a form in his/her college office early in the semester in which the course is repeated. The D/F Repeat Rule applies only to graduation requirements and not to requirements for professional certification which may be within the province of licensure boards, external agencies, or the West Virginia Board of Education.


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