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Educational background
MA English, Marshall University, 2014
BA International Affairs, Marshall University, 2004

Interests and Specializations
Contemporary American Literature, Postmodernism, Visual Rhetoric, Creative Writing (Nonfiction)

Originally from Southern West Virginia, Stephanie Walker grew up with a mother whose nose was always in a book and a father whose eyes were behind the lens of a camera. Naturally, this fueled Stephanie’s love of written, as well as visual, narratives. Many of her classes include discussions and projects based around different mediums of art–writing, painting, spoken word, and film, to list a few. After earning her MA in English, she began exploring different ways of teaching writing to her students that have them think outside the box and color outside the lines.

Selected Publications
Stephanie’s publications include Sparkles in the Sand: The National Library of Poetry; the online newsletter Changes in Life; and Sand Hill Literary Magazine.