Name Rank Office Phone E-Mail
Aftanas, Roxanne

Roxanne Aftanas 2

Associate Professor Corbly 443 304-696-6629
Angus, Ryan 

Ryan Angus

Assistant Professor Corbly 446 304-696-2420
Brewster, Hilary

Hilary Brewster

Associate Professor Corbly 314 304-696-6613
Burbery, Timothy 

Timothy Burbery

Professor Corbly 248 304-696-2369
Carey, Allison

Allison Carey

Professor; Chair Corbly 344 304-696-6439
Damai, Puspa

Puspa Damai

Associate Professor Corbly 450 304-696-2403
Daniel, Abby

Abby Daniel

Instructor Corbly 246 304-696-2348
Diehl, Shoshannah


Instructor Corbly 208 304-696-6513
Ellison, Robert

Robert Ellison

Associate Professor Corbly 313 304-696-3359
Hancock, Meghan

Meghan Hancock

Assistant Professor Corbly 250
Hatfield, David

David Hatfield

Associate Professor Corbly 452 304-696-6638
Hill, Jane Professor Emeritus
Hong, Bob

Hyo-Chang "Bob" Hong

Professor Corbly 445 304-696-2441
Hood, Gwenyth

Gwenyth Hood

Professor Corbly 249 304-696-6639
Hutchinson, Jessica Instructor
Jones, Sabrina

Sabrina Jones

Instructor Corbly 402 304-696-2331
Kozma, Wendi

Wendi Kozma

Instructor Corbly 454 304-696-3392
Lawrence, Nicole

Nicole Lawrence

Visiting Assistant Professor Corbly 455 304-696-6515
Lewis, Daniel

Daniel Lewis

Visiting Assistant Professor Corbly 326 304-696-6610
Lillvis, Kristen

Kristen Lillvis 2021


Professor; Director of Digital Humanities Program Corbly 316 304-696-6269
Lumpkin, Cody

Cody Lumpkin

Visiting Assistant Professor Corbly 406 304-696-6499
Lumpkin, Shirley Professor Emeritus
Magnusson, Joni

Joni Magnussen


Instructor Corbly 447 304-696-3378
Marshall, Megan

Megan Marshall

Assistant Professor; Coordinator of Composition Corbly 352 304-696-3354
Moore, Mary Professor Emeritus
Nolte, Ian

Ian Nolte

Instructor Corbly 307 304-696-5663
O’Malley, Daniel

Daniel O Malley

Assistant Professor; Director of Undergraduate Programs Corbly 342 304-696-6605
Amine Oudghiri-Otmani
Instructor Corbly 405 304-696-6449
Peckham, Joel

Joel Peckham

Associate Professor Corbly 204 304-696-2405
Peckham, Rachael

Rachael Peckham

Professor Corbly 252 304-696-3649
Pleska, Cathy

Cathy Pleska

Visiting Assistant Professor Corbly 352
Prejean, Kelli

Kelli Prejean

Associate Professor; Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts Corbly 310 304-696-4015
Riemer, James Professor Corbly 451 304-696-6618
Rinehart, Rachel

Rachel Rhinehart

Visiting Assistant Professor Corbly 404 304-696-2711
Rollins, Anna

Anna Rollins

Instructor; Director of Writing Center Corbly 340 304-696-3786
Roth, Forrest

Forrest Roth 2

Visiting Assistant Professor Corbly 308 304-696-3317
Rucker, Nathan Instructor Corbly 459 304-696-6404
Schiavone, Michele

Michele Schiavone

Professor Emeritus
Schöberlein, Stefan

Stefan Schoeberlein

Assistant Professor Corbly 317 304-696-6006
Schray, Kateryna

Kateryna Schray

Professor Corbly 444 304-696-2404
Squire, Walter

Walter Squire

Associate Professor; Director of Film Studies Program Corbly 315 304-696-2860
Stringer, Art Professor Emeritus
Taft, Ed Professor Emeritus
Teel, John Professor Emeritus
Tigchelaar, Jana

Jana Tigchelaar


Assistant Professor; Director of Graduate Programs Corbly 343 304-696-3129
Treftz, Jill

Jill Treftz

Associate Professor Corbly 312 304-696-6699
Van Kirk, John Professor Emeritus
Viola, Anthony

Anthony Viola

Professor Corbly 449 304-696-6269
Walker, Stephanie

Stephanie Walker

Instructor Corbly 206 304-696-6514
Young, John

John Young

Professor Corbly 251 304-696-2349


Graduate Teaching Assistants

Name Office Phone E-Mail
Venturino, Rachel Corbly 441


Name Rank Office Phone E-Mail
Hovatter, Jillian Administrative Associate Corbly 345 304-696-6601

Other Useful Numbers

Name Phone
Writing Center 304-696-6254
Fax 304-696-6604

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