Marshall For All
Transforming Marshall University Into a Prosperity Platform for Every Life We Touch
Marshall For All, Marshall Forever
The ‘Marshall For All’ Impact

Simply put, it’s the opportunity to partner with the university to earn your degree, debt-free.

A unique combination of scholarships, grants, work opportunities and family contributions make this an innovative approach to the college experience that will allow our students to graduate Marshall with a bachelor’s degree, relevant work experiences and just as important, it allows them to leave without student debt.

Criteria for Being in Random Selection Pool

  • Students must be admitted to Marshall University (not high school dual credit or transient)
  • Submit the FAFSA for the upcoming year (and then submit annually thereafter)
  • Sign up for summer orientation by April 1st
A Life Changing Opportunity
A Life Changing Opportunity

At one point, Angela Shaffer lived in five different homes over the course of five months. When she finally found her forever family in high school it seemed like things couldn’t be better – until she received the call that she’d been selected for the Marshall For All Program.

The Marshall For All Program offers select students an opportunity to partner with the University to earn their debt-free degree. With the first cohort chosen at random, the program utilizes a unique combination of scholarships, grants, work opportunities, and family contributions to allow students to graduate from Marshall with a bachelor’s degree and a resume full of relevant experiences. Just as crucially, it will allow them to graduate without student loans.

Our 2037 Goals to Dream Bigger
We are a prosperity platform to accelerate
Individual Success
  • 100% Placement Rates for Graduates
  • Zero Students Graduate with Student Loan Debt
Innovative Ideas
  • $150M in Funded Research, Grants, Contracts
  • 3X Start-Ups Incubated
Economic Impact
  • 30X Return for Every $1 Invested
  • 3X GDP Impact on West Virginia ($2.3 Billion)
Frequently Asked Questions

New undergraduate first-year students at each of our campuses will be eligible to participate. Initially the program will serve students of varying income levels from West Virginia and the metro area.

Students will avoid college debt through a combination of:

  • Scholarships
  • Grants
  • Paid Internships
  • Work Opportunities
  • Financial Contributions from their family

It will also enable students to cover the cost of attendance, including tuition and fees, housing and dining and books.

Fall semester of 2023 with a small launch that will include new first-year West Virginia and metro area students. Over the next decade the program will increase in scale.

Participants of the program will have the opportunity to graduate debt-free through the use of scholarships, grants, internships, work opportunities and educational programs. Students will be required to complete a FAFSA annually and commit to graduating on time, perusing work opportunities and participating in financial literacy programs.

No. The Marshall for All program will rely on the active participation of students interested in a debt-free bachelor’s degree. The university will continue to meet a portion of students’ needs through scholarships and grants, and students will be expected to contribute to their education.