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Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress


Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is the term used to define the successful completion of coursework toward a Certificate or Degree to maintain eligibility for financial aid. Marshall University is required by federal and state regulations and institutional policy to determine whether a student is meeting SAP requirements.

SAP for financial aid is monitored on three standards:

  • Qualitative: Cumulative GPA in your level of study (undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, etc.)
  • Quantitative: Successful pace of completion at a minimum of 67% of all credits attempted in your academic transcript level in undergraduate, graduate programs, Doctor of Pharmacy and Doctor of Physical Therapy. Doctor of Medicine must complete 50% of credits attempted up to 82 credits and 67% over 82 credits.
  • Max time frame: Measured based on calendar years for graduate/doctoral students (see details in the policy) and for undergraduate students no more than 180 attempted credit hours for bachelor’s, no more than 100 attempted credit hours for associate (see additional details in the policy).

Students must meet the minimum standards outlined in the applicable SAP policies below to continue to receive financial aid.

Financial Aid SAP Policy for Undergraduate Students
Financial Aid SAP Policy for Graduate Students
Financial Aid SAP Policy for Doctor of Medicine Degree Students
Financial Aid SAP Policy for Doctor of Pharmacy Degree Students
Financial Aid SAP Policy for Doctor of Physical Therapy Students

  • Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress is not the same as academic progress required for graduation.
  • Being declared ineligible for financial aid does not mean you have been academically dismissed from Marshall University.
  • Any appeal of ineligibility is good for only one term. SAP must be reviewed each term. Approval of an appeal will place the student on financial aid probation for the next term of enrollment.
  • No private loan funds, federal loans, or grants may be paid to your account for a subsequent term until AFTER grades for the probationary period have been reviewed and your status determined to be satisfactory.
  • Failure to meet the minimum standards again after an appeal was approved will place a student in ineligible status again.

If a student is notified that they are ineligible for financial aid due to failure to meet the SAP standards, they can appeal for aid reinstatement. The Request for Reinstatement of Financial Aid Eligibility form (Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal) must be completed and submitted to the Office of Student Financial Assistance by the deadlines listed on the record for consideration of financial aid eligibility reinstatement. You will be notified via email/mail that you are not meeting SAP and will be provided instructions for accessing the referenced SAP appeal form.

Select the appropriate academic year for forms and applications.   Scroll to the Appeals section and select the Request for Reinstatement of Financial Aid Eligibility form.

You must explain the factors (e.g., death in the family, illness, involuntary military leave) contributing to your lack of academic progress & supporting documentation. If medical reasons are part of your appeal, you must also submit the signed and completed Medical Documentation Support Form with your Appeal for Financial Aid Reinstatement. For additional information on the appeal process, please reference the applicable SAP policy for your program level listed above.