Mid-Ohio Valley Center

The Board of Advisors for the Mid-Ohio Valley Center of Marshall University, in accordance with the accepted professional practices in higher education, set forth the following mission statement: It is the primary mission of the Mid-Ohio Valley Center of Marshall University to increase access to higher education for the citizens of the Mid-Ohio Valley region. The Mid-Ohio Valley Center delivers core courses and specialized programs of study through daytime and evening time periods which meet the needs of accelerated high school students, traditional college age students and those adults who have chosen to return to school.



MOVC Fall 2024 Orientation Session Dates

June 4th, 10AM to 12PM. June 12th, 1PM to 3PM. July 9th, 1PM to 3PM. July 11th, 10AM to 12PM. July 31st, 1PM to 3PM.


Monday – Friday
8:30 am – 4:30 pm


Contact Us

Phone: 304-674-7200
Fax: 304-674-7222


For closing or class cancellation information call the MOVC Hotline 304-674-7239 (updated daily)