Test-optional choice now available for incoming freshmen

Marshall University has announced new admission and scholarship opportunities for qualified freshmen who do not submit ACT or SAT standardized test scores with their applications. Applicants without scores may qualify for admission while simultaneously qualifying for test-optional, guaranteed, merit-based scholarships, beginning with the Fall 2021 semester.

The scholarships will be available to students from West Virginia, nonresidents, and residents of counties in Ohio and Kentucky that have the metro designation. Scholarship level and eligibility will be based on high school GPA and overall academic performance.  Interested applicants may learn more at https://www.marshall.edu/sfa/test-optional-merit-scholarships/

“At Marshall, we are committed to creating opportunities for all qualified students–regardless of their individual circumstances,” said Dr. Jerome A. Gilbert, president of Marshall.  “Offering test-optional admission and scholarship opportunities is an important step that we are taking to increase access and equity and to help students overcome the significant barriers to testing that were created by COVID-19.”

Student success remains a top priority for the university according to senior vice president for academic affairs and provost, Dr. Jaime Taylor.

“We know, based on our own data and many national studies, that high school GPA is one of the strongest predictors of college success,” Taylor said.  “We want to recognize and reward hard-working high school students – and not penalize those who may not have been able to participate in a standardized test, to date.”

To further assist high school seniors, right now Marshall is waiving the $40 admission application fee. 

To learn more about Marshall University, register for its Fall 2021 Virtual Green and White Day, or sign up for a one-on-one admission or financial aid counseling session, visit  www.marshall.edu/experience.