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Faculty Achievement: Josh Brunty

Josh Brunty, an associate professor in Marshall’s cyber forensics and security program in the College of Science, has been selected to serve on the Forensic Science Education Programs Accreditation Commission (FEPAC).  Brunty will serve as an academician commissioner.

Brunty has participated in a number of national and international organizations committed to the advancement of digital forensic science and digital evidence. FEPAC’s mission is to maintain and to enhance the quality of forensic science education through a formal evaluation and recognition of college-level academic programs.

Brunty’s research interests include applied social media forensics, mobile device exploitation and forensics, and image and video forensics. He has been a frequent speaker and guest lecturer throughout the country and written or co-written books and journal publications on digital forensics, mobile device forensics, and social media investigation. At Marshall, he also serves as advisor to the Collegiate Cyber Defense Team, which consistently ranks in the top 10 at National Cyber League competitions, winning the competition in the spring of 2020.