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Graduate students rank No. 1 on Forensic Science Assessment Test

Students in Marshall University’s Master of Science in Forensic Science program achieved the highest collective score in the nation on the Forensic Science Assessment Test or FSAT, given April 12, 2021.

FSAT is a national exam conducted by the American Board of Criminalists.  It tests general forensic science knowledge among undergraduate and graduate students, who are allowed three hours to answer 220 multiple-choice questions.  Topics include general sciences, history of forensics, statistics, law, ethics, laboratory operations, DNA, drug identification, toxicology, fingerprints, questioned documents, fire debris and crime scene analysis, among others.

“The FSAT covers a large breadth of topics,” said Dr. Catherine Rushton, director of the forensic science program at Marshall. “Our students’ performance on the exam demonstrates the amount of hard work the students put into their studies and the faculty put into their teaching.”