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Sheryl Sandberg visits Huntington and Marshall University

She has one of the top business minds in the world, but Sheryl Sandberg’s message of grit and resilience can resonate with everyone, regardless of their profession.

The former chief operating officer of Facebook (now Meta) spoke with Marshall University President Brad D. Smith, today, in a fireside chat after a two-day tour of Huntington and visits with several community service organizations.

Sandberg’s story of perseverance is chronicled in her book, Option B, written after the sudden death of husband, Dave Goldberg. As suggested by the title, the book discusses how to live life when it throws a curve.

“No one learns on the easy days, while on the couch watching TV,” Sandberg said. “We learn on the hard days… When people make jokes about getting older, it’s not funny. You either live a long life, or you don’t. Every birthday, I now celebrate. ”

While in Huntington, Sandberg and her family, including second husband Tom Bernthal, visited Golden Girl Group Home, Project Hope, Harmony House, and the Compass Center, among other organizations. The two-day trip concluded with the visit with Smith at Marshall.

“We all have a responsibility to each other,” Sandberg said. “I don’t want to live on one side of the country and have no idea what is happening on the other. I know that by leaving my little corner, I will learn.”

When asked by Smith about the most important things in her life Sandberg said, in addition to her family, her foundation – Sheryl Sandberg and Dave Goldberg Family Foundation — with its priority to partner with others to work towards an equal and resilient world.

She also discussed gender equity in the workplace and at home, compassionate leadership, and learning from every experience. Sandberg praised the Huntington community for developing programs to address substance abuse, homelessness, and food insecurity.