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School of Nursing to present on multiple topics at conference on palliative care and family health nursing

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Students and faculty from the School of Nursing will present and take part in conferences in International Nursing Conference in Thailand.

What you need to know:

  • It’s the first International Conference on Palliative Care and Family Health Nursing.
  • The two-day conference, June 26-27, is hosted by Thammasat University in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Nursing faculty will take part in discussions based on:  Perceptions of Substance Use Disorders, Needs for Competent Palliative Care and Perceptions of Obese Individuals Regarding Weight Bias.
  • Marshall University and the School of Nursing are one of the sponsoring organizations of the conference.

Go Deeper

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. – Faculty and students from Marshall University’s College of Health Professions and School of Nursing are set to present at the 1st International Conference in Palliative Care and Family Health Nursing in Bangkok, Thailand, June 26-27. This two-day conference is being hosted by Thammasat University in Thailand.

Marshall, as well as other organizations, are hosts for the upcoming event. The conference will focus on exchanging knowledge and research in the fields of palliative care and family health nursing. The hope is that, by bringing groups together from around the world, this will initiate a global network and understanding among nursing professionals about these areas of nursing.

Dr. Deborah Chapa  is the director of the Doctor of Nursing Practice program at Marshall and is one of nursing faculty presenting at the conference.  Chapa said this is a great opportunity for Marshall’s School of Nursing to present on an international stage.

“This is an opportunity for faculty and students to exchange ideas with scholars and educators from around the globe,” Chapa said. “The hope is that moving forward, this will promote collaboration for research and education.“

“This is an amazing opportunity for the faculty at Marshall University to collaborate with educators from around the world, said Dr. Bobbie Taylor, another faculty member who will be presenting at the conference. “Substance Use Disorder is not only a local issue, but a global epidemic. Preparing future nurses and nurse practitioners about substance use disorder is imperative to understand this chronic condition and provide the best possible care.”

The presentations and presenters from the school of nursing are:

  • Nursing Students’ Perceptions of Substance Use Disorder
    • Bobbie Taylor, D.N.P., APRN-BC, RN
    • Nancy Elkins, Ed.D., MSN, RN
    • Tammy Minor, D.N.P., MSN, RN
  • What do Nurses Need for Competent Palliative Care
    • Lori Lupe, D.N.P., CCRN, NEA-BC
    • Deborah Chapa, Ph.D., ACNP-BC, FAANP
  • Perceptions of the Obese Individual Regarding Weight Bias
    • Gary M. Brown, Ph.D., RN

Doctor of Nursing Practice program student Kevin Bishop will participate in a panel with other doctoral students discussing experiences with doctoral education.