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Marshall students lead nation on FSAT

Students from Marshall University’s forensic science master’s degree program once again achieved the highest collective score in the nation on the Forensic Science Aptitude Test (FSAT), administered by the American Board of Criminalistics and used by students to demonstrate their knowledge of forensic science to potential employers.

The test includes 200 questions in 20 categories covering all crime laboratory disciplines as well as ethics, law and safety. Marshall’s second-year students have led the nation on this test for 12 of the past 14 years.

“Reflecting on the last 14 years our students have been taking the FSAT, I am extremely proud of the students’ performance on the exam,” said Dr. Terry Fenger, founding director of the program. “The quality of the students, the program and forensic science faculty are reflected in this continued excellence.”

Faculty could not be prouder of their performance, said the program’s current director, Dr. Lauren Waugh.

“We see their dedication and passion for the field of forensic science, and it is gratifying to see their hard work pay off,” she said.

The exam covers all forensic crime laboratory disciplines. Marshall’s program offers four areas of emphasis: DNA analysis, forensic chemistry, digital forensics, and crime scene investigation.

“Those areas are covered on the FSAT, but not all students take all areas of emphasis. Our students are applying the information they are receiving through teaching, research and internships very well,” Waugh said.