Distinguished Marshall Professor Eric Lassiter to receive honorary doctorate from University of Malmo, Sweden


Graduate Humanities Professor Dr. Luke Eric Lassiter (pictured left) will be receiving an honorary doctorate from the University of Malmo in Sweden this fall.

Lassiter will receive the recognition for collaborative work with his wife, Dr. Elizabeth Campbell (pictured right), formerly an associate professor of education at Marshall University and now an associate professor at the Reich College of Education at Appalachian State University.

The recognition highlights their significant contributions to the fields of anthropology and cultural studies, as well as their dedication to promoting cross-cultural understanding and social change. The award recognizes their joint work in participatory research, where researchers, students, and community members collaborate in the research process, from inception to publication. The official ceremony to confer the honorary doctorates will take place at the University of Malmo in Sweden in October.

Dr. Robert Bookwalter, dean of the College of Liberal Arts at Marshall, said Lassiter and Campbell continue to do great work.

“Dr. Lassiter and Dr. Campbell have been doing innovative work in collaborative ethnography for many years,” Bookwalter said. “This award reflects the international impact of their work.  Our students are fortunate to work with world-class scholars in the Marshall Graduate Humanities program.”

Lassiter is a renowned figure in the field of anthropology and has devoted his career to exploring the intersections of culture, identity and heritage. His research and commitment to inclusivity have earned him praise from academic colleagues as well as members of the broader communities he studies. As a team, Lassiter and Campbell, have combined their expertise to advance interdisciplinary approaches to cultural understanding and social justice.

For more information about the honorary doctorates and the University of Malmo’s recognition of Lassiter and Campbell, visit https://mau.se/en/news/eric-lassiter-and-beth-campbell-new-honorary-doctorates-at-malmo-university/.

The University of Malmo is a prestigious Swedish institution known for its commitment to interdisciplinary research and global collaboration. As a hub for academic excellence, the university seeks to advance knowledge, promote critical thinking, and address societal challenges through cutting-edge research and education.

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