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Marshall University Research Corporation hosts Grantsmanship Celebration

Nearly 100 people celebrate successful grant applications for 2023
The Marshall University Research Corporation (MURC) and Marshall University’s Office of Academic Affairs hosted the 2023 Excellence in Grantsmanship Celebration on April 16. This inaugural event recognized the outstanding achievements and groundbreaking research endeavors during fiscal year 2023. The celebration highlighted the remarkable efforts of faculty and staff that have propelled Marshall to new levels of externally funded programs.

Key Highlights:

  1. Record-breaking funding: In fiscal year 2023, MURC secured an impressive $68 million in grants and awards. These funds have been instrumental in advancing critical research across various disciplines, from healthcare to technology to service.
  2. Unprecedented growth: Since 2017, MURC has witnessed a remarkable 159% increase in grants and awards. This growth reflects the dedication of our researchers, faculty and staff who tirelessly pursue groundbreaking projects.
  3. Funding sources: Of the grants and contracts received by MURC, 87% were from federal sources. This underscores Marshall University’s strong collaboration with federal agencies and its commitment to addressing pressing national challenges. Eleven percent of the grants and contracts were awarded from state-level sources with an additional 2% from nongovernmental entities.

“We are driving research and developing innovative solutions here at Marshall, and it shows through our growing impact,” said Dr. John Maher, vice president for research and executive director of MURC. “There is great momentum at Marshall, and MURC is no different. We are pressing new discoveries and growing ideas to reality – truly, remarkable achievements. Research underscores Marshall’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and making a meaningful impact. We are proud to celebrate these accomplishments and look forward to even more impactful work in the year ahead.”

“We are delighted to see a surge in faculty research grants, spanning diverse interests yet sharing common threads,” said Dr. Avinandan Mukherjee, provost and senior vice president for Academic Affairs. “These grants drive engagement, spur innovation and magnify impact, addressing the needs of the state, the broader Appalachian region, and beyond.”

Additionally, MURC administrative staff were recognized for their steadfast support of research endeavors at Marshall. Their diligent efforts behind the scenes, from grant development to grant management, have played a vital role in facilitating the groundbreaking work of the University’s faculty and staff.

“Their commitment to excellence and professionalism during this period of rapid growth is truly commendable and deserving of recognition as we celebrate the achievements of the entire Marshall University research community,” Maher added.

MURC is committed to Marshall University’s mission of advancing knowledge, fostering innovation and addressing real-world challenges. With a diverse portfolio of projects spanning multiple disciplines, MURC continues to make significant contributions to the academic and scientific community. For more information visit

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