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Cayuse Sponsored Projects’ go-live date announced

Program streamlines institutional approval process before grant submission
Marshall University Research Corporation (MURC) is announcing the launch of Cayuse Sponsored Projects (SP), set to go live on May 6. This marks the completion of rigorous data integration, testing and careful planning to ensure an efficient and effective deployment of this additional Cayuse module, supplementing S2S.

Cayuse SP aims to simplify and modernize the proposal-routing process by offering an intuitive online platform. The proposal record form within Cayuse SP will replace the Authorization to Submit (ATS) form used for required institutional approval for proposals submitted on behalf of the university. With Cayuse SP, this process is digitized, eliminating the need for cumbersome paper copies.

Benefits of Cayuse SP include:

  • Automated notifications and routing, ensuring that proposals move smoothly through the approval process without delays.
  • Messaging within the platform, facilitating collaboration directly within the platform and keeping all communication organized and accessible.
  • Enhanced tracking and system of record, allowing users to keep tabs on their proposals’ progress with enhanced tracking features. Cayuse SP serves as an effective system of record, storing all proposal-related information in one centralized location for easy access and reference.
  • Streamlined approvals, so that users can focus more on developing grant projects, rather than navigating administrative hurdles.

In preparation for this rollout, training sessions have been conducted and recorded in their entirety and are available here for review. Those interested in a department-specific or individual training sessions may contact Brittany Bruce at

Cayuse works to enhance operational efficiency at the research corporation. For more information regarding Cayuse, email

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