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Marshall forensic science graduate students’ FSAT scores lead the nation

Students in Marshall University’s Forensic Science Graduate Program have again achieved the highest collective score nationally on the Forensic Science Aptitude Test (FSAT).

For the test, which is administered by the American Board of Criminalistics, students are required to answer 200 questions in 20 categories covering various crime laboratory disciplines, as well as ethics, law and safety. Marshall’s second-year graduate students have led the nation on this test for 13 of the past 15 years.

“The faculty and staff are incredibly proud of our students and their consistent success on this exam,” said Lauren Waugh, director of Marshall’s Forensic Science Graduate Program. “We are honored to be able to attract students with the knowledge and drive that this particular group has demonstrated. They all had impressive undergraduate careers, have excelled in their classes here, represented the program well at national meetings and have all already had job interviews. This achievement is the icing on the cake for them and for our program.”

Marshall’s M.S. Forensic Science program offers four areas of emphasis: DNA analysis, forensic chemistry, digital forensics, and crime scene investigation. Each area of emphasis is covered by faculty who have worked as a forensic scientist or investigator in the discipline they teach, Waugh said.

“We offer a unique opportunity to our students by allowing them to pursue multiple areas of emphasis rather than requiring them to focus on just one,” Waugh said. Also, Marshall’s program is one of only two graduate programs in forensic science with a digital forensics emphasis accredited by the Forensic Science Education Programs Accreditation Commission, she said.

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