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Q: How much does parking cost?

A: Pricing for parking facilities are as follows:

Full-time Surface lots (Student & Employee)
$ 85.00 Half-year $170.00 Full year
Garage – 3rd Avenue & Smith (Student & Employee)
$135.00 Half-year $270.00 Full year

Half year permits for the Spring Semester may be renewed before the Christmas holiday break.

Full-time employees may use payroll deduction. The parking fee will be deducted from your paycheck once a month until you request it to be discontinued.

Q: Who needs a parking permit?

A: All persons using University parking facilities must display a current Marshall University parking permit or daily temporary parking permit when parking on the Marshall University Campus.

Q: Where do I purchase my parking permit?

A: The parking permits are available on-line at:, or at the Office of the Bursar located on the first floor of Old Main sells employee, student and garage parking permits at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters. If you miss purchasing your permit at that time, please come to the Office of Public Safety, Parking Enforcement Office and we will assist you in acquiring a parking permit or a temporary permit for the day, week or month.

Q: Why do we have to pay for parking?

A: The University Parking Enforcement Office is self generating revenue. All monies collected are used to purchase and maintain the parking areas.

Q: Where do I display my permit?

A: The permit is to be hung from the rearview mirror. If you do not have rearview mirror then you may lay it on the dash. Your permit must face outward with nothing covering it so it may be read from the outside of the front window.

Q: What if I can’t find a place to park?

A: Purchasing a parking permit does not guarantee a convenient parking spot. If your lot is full go to the next lot that is marked for your assigned permit. Not finding a space is not an excuse to park illegally.

Q: What if my permit is lost or stolen?

A: A replacement permit can be obtained at the Office of Public Safety, Parking Enforcement Office for a fee of $20.00. A lost/stolen form will be fill-out and filed. Any vehicle displaying the lost/stolen permit will be towed at the owner’s expense. If you find your lost or stolen permit and you have received your replacement permit, please return the original permit to the Parking Enforcement Office.

Q: What if I forget my permit?

A: If you forget your permit, temporary permits are available at the Office of Public Safety, Parking Enforcement Office located at 1801 5th Avenue for $3.00 a day. Or you may park in the 6th Avenue Parking Garage that charges 50 cents per hour.  The garage has operational hours: Monday through Friday, 7am to 11pm, no overnight parking.  We accept cash only,– no cards.

Q: Can I drop off equipment and other items that I can’t carry?

A: You may call Parking Enforcement Office (696-6406 or 696-6684) for permission to load/unload. There is a 30 minute time limit.

Q: Where should visitors park?

A: They may come to the Office of Public Safety, Parking Enforcement Office located at 1801 5th avenue in the Office of Public Safety building to obtain a one day permit.  The pay by the hour parking lot (time-limited to two hours) is located next to Corbly Hall on 5th Avenue and meters are located on John Marshall Drive and 6th Avenue.  A new parking facility located on 6th Avenue has been opened this year.  It has a charge of $.50 cents per hour and accepts cash only, no cards.   The 6th Avenue parking facility has regular semester operational hours on Monday through Friday from 7am to 11pm.   There is no overnight parking in this parking facility and parking permits are not accepted.  Summer operational hours are: Monday-Friday 7:30am to 5:30pm.

Q: If I get a citation and feel it is unjustified, what can I do?

A: The appeal form is on-line. You may copy this to an email and forward to The appeal will be reviewed by the Parking Violation Appeal Board and you will be sent a reply. The ruling by the Parking Violation Appeal Board is final.

Q: Where do I park on home or week game days?

A: HOME FOOTBALL GAMES: On Saturdays when home football games are scheduled, regular parking permits issued to employees and students are not valid for that entire day. During home football game days, all permit holders must move their vehicles during the evening or morning of the game from the West stadium parking lots. Vehicles may be relocated to the Student parking area located between 18th and 19th Street and 5 ½ alley and 6th Avenue. The Athletic Department will tow vehicles not removed from these areas at the owner’s expense.

WEEK DAY FOOTBALL GAMES: It is the policy of the Marshall University Office of Public Safety that during week game days, the Athletic Department does not charge any valid MU permit holder to park on the open surface lots or in the 3rd avenue parking garage because of the evening class sessions. There is no parking allowed on Stadium lots during week game days or week-end game days.

Q: How do I let you know that I have changed vehicles for my parking permit?

A: If you need to make changes to your vehicle application, such as, addition of new vehicle or removal of an old vehicle, with the Parking Enforcement Office please send an email to with the following information:

  • Name
  • MU ID Number
  • License plate
  • Make
  • Style (4-door, van, truck)
  • Color

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