Student/Employee Parking Permit Applications

2022-2023 Student Permit Application

2022-2023 Employee Permit Application

Marshall University State Fleet Vehicle Request Form

State Fleet Vehicle Request Form
Complete request form and return to You will receive confirmation from the Parking Office regarding your request.

  •  All driver’s must complete the Driver’s Safety Exam before operating a state vehicle. Contact Health and Safety @ Ext. 62993 for instruction on completing the exam.
  • Only student that are hired as a GA or RA will be allowed to drive State Vehicles. Faculty and/or staff members that are in the vehicle must assure that this policy is followed.
  • Travel plans should not require travel past the hour of 12 midnight. There must be a rest break for the driver every 2 hours.
  •  Posted speed limits are not to be violated.  NOTE: Any speeding and/or other reckless citations received while operating a State Vehicle will be the driver’s responsibility.
  •  Vehicles are to be driven on main, hard surface roadways only.  They are not to be driven into rock pathways, in or across creek beds, dirt pathways, etc.  When these conditions exist, the vehicle must be secured and left in a safe location at or near the main roadway.
  • The operator’s department or division will be responsible for any and all repairs, towing charges, etc. as a result of negligent driving.
  • The use or possession of Alcohol Beverages, Illegal Drugs and Tobacco Products are strictly forbidden in State Vehicles.
  • In the event of breakdowns, a copy of the Rules and Regulations is located in the vehicle glove compartment with procedures on how to proceed.
  • The operator shall be required to adhere to all State of West Virginia Motor Vehicle Laws.
  • The Trip Ticket located in the vehicle MUST be completed.

Parking Citation Appeal Form

Download Appeal Form

Appeals Procedure

Employees and students are preferably asked to submit appeals on-line.

A parking appeal must be submitted within 10 days of receiving the parking violation. Please consult the parking regulations on the Marshall University website before submitting your appeal to make sure it is appropriate for filing. Incomplete appeals will not be considered. Appeal forms will not be accepted for the reasons listed below.

Appeals will not be considered for the following reasons:

  • Inability to find a convenient parking space
  • Parking or stopping for a short time to do an errand – ‘I was only there for X number of minutes’
  • Lack of a parking permit
  • Other vehicles were improperly parked
  • Late for class or an appointment
  • Financial hardship caused by the fine
  • Parking Services failure to cite previous violations
  • Lack of knowledge of the regulations (

The Appeals Board will review the appeals and render a decision. The board may find a parking violation occurred and impose the appropriate penalty; or, find that no parking violation occurred and dismiss the citation; or suspend half or all of the fine imposed.

The decision of the Parking Violations Appeal Board is final.

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