Credit Opportunities

Credit by Examination

There are several possible options for obtaining course credit by examination:

  1. College Level Examination Program (CLEP) The RBA program accepts CLEP exams.
  2. The Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Educational Support (DANTES) was designed for service members who need alternatives to fulfill degree requirements when classroom courses are unavailable or when work schedules or duty locations do not permit class attendance. All students are eligible to take these DSST exams, but need to check whether they will be accepted.

A list of currently accepted exams for both DANTES and CLEP is found here: CLEP & DANTES DSST

Further information about the CLEP and DANTES testing program program can be obtained from Marie Willis, RBA advisor at (304-696-2330).

Military Experience

Much of the military training in various branches of the service is eligible for credit awards. If the training does not have direct equivalent credit in the university environment the credits can serve as unspecified upper or lower level courses depending on the ACE recommendations.

See the ACE Military Guidelines for Evaluation website for further information:

Service transcripts must be sent directly to the Marshall University Admissions Office. There are no fees for the evaluation of military records.

Students will need to have an academic record at Marshall before credits can be added.

Previously Earned Credit

Transfer credit from other accredited institutions and courses successfully completed in other Marshall degree programs can apply toward the RBA. Contact the RBA office for a free preliminary course credit evaluation.

Standard Awards

The West Virginia RBA program has established standard awards of credit for certain licenses or certifications. Documentation is required.

Students will need to have an academic record at Marshall before credits for standard awards can be added.

Click the link for a list of possible awards: Summary of Credit Awards for Certified Credentials

The RBA Portfolio

Students enrolled in the RBA Degree Program at Marshall University have an opportunity to earn college equivalent credit for selected work and life experiences through the preparation and evaluation of a Portfolio.

A portfolio is not a traditional college paper, nor is it merely a listing of job experiences. It is a carefully thought-out and focused work that aims to convince a faculty evaluator that you have gained outside the classroom knowledge, abilities, and skills that are roughly equivalent to those gained in traditional coursework.

Once you have assembled your portfolio according to the guidelines provided by the RBA office, it has been evaluated by the RBA Director and you have paid the $300 submission fee it will be sent to the appropriate academic department for evaluation.  After review of your portfolio, the department will make a recommendation as to the amount and kind of credit to be awarded towards your degree. For each hour of credit awarded there will be an additional $10 fee, for credits to be posted on your Marshall transcripts.  These credits will not transfer to other schools or programs.

Before you begin to assemble a portfolio, please read the portfolio guide below carefully and consult with your RBA Advisor.

Pick up a copy of the RBA Portfolio Development Guide in Smith Hall 223 or download a copy here: Portfolio Development Guide