What is WVROCKS and how can it help me?

WVROCKS is an acronym for West Virginia’s Remote Online Collaborative Knowledge System—a statewide portal designed to facilitate the completion of the Regents Bachelor of Arts degree for all students enrolled in the program at any state institution of higher learning. All courses are taught by faculty employed at one of WV’s colleges or universities. Because participating colleges and universities will cross list the courses in their schedules, you will receive credit toward the completion of your degree no matter which state institution hosts the course!

WVROCKS has AAA benefits:

  • Accelerated courses: eight week courses instead of sixteen
  • Accessible courses: WVROCKS delivers education directly to your computer, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week—at home or at work—any place where internet access is available.
  • Affordable courses: $250.00 per credit hour (Please check with your campus regarding financial aid.)

How do I register for classes on WVROCKS?

All registration occurs on your home campus. All approved WVROCKS classes are included in your campus’s schedule of classes. You should consult with the RBA coordinator on your campus for course selection information.

WVROCKS Schedule of Courses

Fall 2024 Full Schedule: Full Schedule

Fall 2024 first 8 weeks : First 8 Weeks

Fall 2024 second 8 weeks: Second 8 Weeks

How will I know how to access my WVROCKS class?

Once your home campus sends your registration information to the portal, you will receive an email in your campus email account from the portal staff with login information. Make sure you can access your campus email so you don’t miss important information.

For additional information, visit the WVROCKS website at http://www.wvrocks.org.

Campus RBA Contact Information: Andrew Gooding, Smith Hall 223, 304-696-6400, gooding@marshall.edu

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