Kindermusik returns to Speech and Hearing Center; free class offered tomorrow

Kindermusik will be offered at Marshall University’s Speech and Hearing Center beginning Aug. 22 with a free class offered tomorrow for families wanting to experience the program for the first time.

Kindermusik is an internationally recognized program that promotes childhood development through music, according to Carrie Wellman, licensed Kindermusik teacher and a 2013 graduate of the university’s Department of Communication Disorders.

"Kindermusik is such a personal experience for everyone. Every child learns differently, and every parent has different expectations and goals for their child," Wellman said. "We focus so much on process. Our goal is not to make a maestro musician out of every person that comes through our door, but simply to use music to bring out the best in the child and their caregiver in all aspects of life."

Wellman said they would offer 15 classes throughout the semester with 12 children enrolled per class. The classes are typically 40 minutes in length and serve as a great place for students to get affirmation, affection and support.

"I am beyond thrilled to call the Speech and Hearing Center home. Adding a program like Kindermusik to their clinic complements what they are already doing. We have a common goal and we each work hard to meet those goals," Wellman said. "Additionally, we have students with special needs that attend our Kindermusik classes, so having our classes there provides an opportunity for families to get as many resources as they want or need."

Wellman said children between birth and age seven are welcome to attend the Kindermusik program. The free class will be held at 11 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 15, in the Speech and Hearing Center, located on the 3rd Avenue side of Smith Hall on Marshall’s Huntington campus. Discounts are offered for siblings or family members who enroll together and a 5 percent military discount will be provided for those who qualify. For more information, contact Wellman at 304-730-2837, e-mail or visit her on Facebook and To learn more about the Speech and Hearing Center and the services it offers, visit online.