Health Informatics director recognized as one of America’s best Health Care Informatics Researchers

Dr. Girmay Berhie of the College of Health Professions has been named to the Top 20 List of America’s Best Health Care Informatics Researchers, according to a recent blog from PokitDot.

Since 2012, Berhie has served as director of the college’s health informatics program, which is one of three accredited health informatics programs in the United States. Berhie said he is honored and humbled to be recognized as a top researcher in his field.

"Health informatics is a multidisciplinary profession that utilizes information technologies and information management techniques and integrates them into the health care arena," Berhie said. "As a researcher, my ultimate goal has always been to help reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve the quality of health care for those in our region."

Marshall’s health informatics program was ranked No. 1 Most Affordable in the United States in 2014 and remains the field’s only accredited degree program in West Virginia. The continued success of the program can be attributed to Berhie’s expertise and leadership, according to Dr. Michael Prewitt, dean of the College of Health Professions.

"Health informatics professionals are needed across the country and Dr. Berhie and his research have provided a solid foundation from which our students can learn," Prewitt said. "Recently, he has worked with other faculty in our college to develop nursing informatics and data analytics certificate programs, which will continue to provide opportunities for our students at Marshall University."

The nursing informatics and data analytics certificate programs will be offered in fall 2016. To learn more about Berhie’s recognition as a top health care informatics researcher, visit For more information about the Marshall University Health Informatics degree programs, visit