Faculty member provides youth communication training to local day care staff

Sandra Kemper of the Marshall University College of Health Professions will conduct an educational training session titled "Developmental Milestones in Communication" with staff at Kiwanis Daycare at 5:45 p.m., Monday, Nov. 14, in the university’s Shawkey Dining Room in the Memorial Student Center on the Huntington campus.

Kemper, an assistant professor in the college’s Department of Communication Disorders, said students in her "Field Experiences in Speech and Language" service-learning course have been working with the local day care all semester.

"During our discussion, we will cover communication milestones they should be able to identify as well as red flags for concern when communicating with the children in day care," Kemper said. "As these individuals often serve as the primary caretaker for many children and are a valuable resource to the community, the department felt it was important to recognize these individuals by providing an evening out with an Italian dinner in addition to the in-service learning."

The dinner was made possible by funding support from the Oshel Parent Education Program (OPEP) with the mission to support educational training provided by the Department of Communication Disorders to support families of children.

To learn more about the Department of Communication Disorders, visit www.marshall.edu/communication-disorders.