Digital Humanities Scholars invited to 2018 R-CADE Symposium

Marshall University’s digital humanities scholars have been invited to present at the 2018 R-CADE Symposium, an event sponsored by the Digital Studies Center at Rutgers University-Camden in New Jersey.

Representing the departments of English, political science, and computer and information technology, as well as Marshall Libraries, the intercollegiate group of faculty will present on skeuomorphs, or nonfunctional design features that reference previously functional tools in classic and contemporary video games.

Among the Marshall faculty invited are Dr. Kristen Lillvis, associate professor of English and director of digital humanities; Dr. Allison Carey, associate professor of English and chair of the English department; Dr. Jason J. Morrissette, professor of political science and director of the international affairs program; Dr. Matt Mundell, assistant professor of computer and information technology; Kristin Janae Steele, visiting assistant professor of English; and Lori Thompson, archivist and digital preservation librarian.

The 2018 R-CADE curator and keynote speaker, Grant Wythoff, shared how impressed the organizers were with Marshall’s approach to skeuomorphs, games and technique. Marshall faculty will receive $1,000 to fund their research and present their findings at Rutgers-Camden April 20.

For more information, contact Lillvis at 304-696-6269 or