Summer research awards announced

The Marshall University Research Corporation has announced the winners of the Summer 2020 John Marshall Scholar program.

The nine awardees will each receive a $6,500 stipend to pursue their research project over the summer term. Since its inception, the John Marshall Scholar program has supported the creative discovery and research work of 42 faculty members from the College of Science, College of Business, College of Liberal Arts, College of Arts and Media, the College of Engineering and Computer Sciences, and the College of  Education and Professional Development.

Proposals are being reviewed for Fall 2020 and winners will be announced in early February. The request for proposals for Spring 2021 is available at // and then by clicking on John Marshall University Scholar Awards on the right side of the page.

Summer 2020 awardees are:

  • Agesa, Richard and Jacqueline (COB) — Child Spacing in Sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence from Kenya
  • Allenger, Mindy (COEPD) — Gender Roles in Children’s Literature as Viewed from Generation Z
  • Canady, Brittany E. (COLA) — Overconfidence in Managing Health Concerns: The Impact of the Dunning-Kruger Effect on Health
  • Choi, Hyeman (COLA) — Clarifying the Link between guilt and risk-taking among responsible and problem gamblers
  • Ingersoll, Chris (CAM) – Open Source Textbook
  • Narman, Husnu (CITE) – A Smart Therapy Tool for Feeding and Speech Disorder Detection
  • Nguyen, Que Huong (COS) – Electronic Structure and Optical Response of Semiconductor and Polymer Structures
  • Swindell, Christopher (CAM) – The Commodification of Self-Help: Deconstructing the Sirens’ Song
  • Youn, Sungmin (CITE) – Removal of Amoxicillin Using Activated Carbon Manufactured from Coffee Waste

For more information about the research awards or upcoming proposals, visit