Forensic Science Center enters new partnership

The Marshall University Forensic Science Center (MUFSC) has entered into a collaborative partnership with the ANDE Corporation, which is placing a Rapid DNA instrument at the MUFSC for DNA analysts to evaluate for future validation and testing.

"This instrument can develop up to five DNA IDs in less than two hours," said Misty Marra, forensic DNA analyst and laboratory coordinator at the MUFSC. "It is being used by law enforcement agencies, the military and crime labs for quick turnaround on sample analysis."

The ANDE Rapid DNA system was used to identify victims of the 2018 California Camp Fire, and the Kentucky State Police Forensic Laboratory is currently using it for rapid sexual assault analysis, Marra said.

ANDE representatives visited Huntington during the week of March 16 to train Marshall analysts on use of the instrument.

"We are excited to be working with ANDE to make this cutting-edge technology more widely available," said Jason Chute, director at the MUFSC.  "Having this technology in an operational laboratory presents a great opportunity for the Marshall community and the State of West Virginia. We are looking forward to this partnership with ANDE and the doors it may open."

"The Marshall University Forensic Science Center brings a unique blend of criminal justice forensic laboratory testing, academia, research, and training, and ANDE is looking forward to working with the team there," said Julie French, ANDE’s vice president of Identification Applications.


Photo: Laboratory Technician Darian Gygi loads the ANDE Rapid DNA Instrument at the Marshall University Forensic Science Center.