Messages for the University Community

Marshall University has several ways to communicate items of interest to the university community.

Digital Signage (Huntington and South Charleston campuses)

Digital signage monitors are located in a number of buildings on the Huntington campus as well as on the South Charleston campus.


  • Slide size is 1280 pixels wide by 720 pixels high. Keep in mind that type should be readable at that size.
  • All submissions must prominently display the name and contact information of the sponsoring university department or registered student organization.
  • Postings must contain correct event date, time, and location.

Contact your University Communications representative for assistance with designing, approving and scheduling your content for digital signage. If you aren’t sure who your University Communications representative is, contact

Herd Happenings: A Guide to what’s going on at Marshall University

Herd Happenings is the newsletter designed to give students information on events taking place in the Marshall University community.

  • Herd Happenings will be e-mailed on Fridays during the semester and less frequently during the summer and when classes are not in session.
  • Mass e-mails will not be sent as a substitute for an item in Herd Happenings.
  • Items must be on behalf of Marshall University departments or recognized student organizations.
  • Please submit your item by noon the Wednesday before the Friday the item is to appear, or through your University Communications representative.
  • Preferred image size is 1280 pixels wide by 720 pixels high. For all sizes, keep in mind that the item will appear approximately 600 pixels wide in the newsletter, and type should be readable at that size.

To view the current issue of Herd Happenings, please visit

WE ARE…MARSHALL: The Newsletter for Marshall University

University Communications publishes the online newsletter, We Are…Marshall, for the university community.

  • The We Are…Marshall newsletter is e-mailed to faculty and staff on Wednesdays during the semester and biweekly during the summer and when classes are not in session.
  • Items for consideration must be submitted by 5 p.m. the Monday before the Wednesday the item will appear, either through your University Communications representative or by e-mail to

To view current and past issues of the We Are…Marshall newsletter, visit

Mass E-mails

In general, it is our policy to use the mass e-mail capability (to students through myMU and to All Exchange Users for faculty and staff) for messages that are of importance to the entire university community and that relate to the university’s mission and operations. Most events and fundraisers will not qualify for a separate e-mail and should be promoted on one or more of the methods above.

Process for University Communications announcements related to studies or surveys

Mass e-mails that involve a study or survey must have the approval of the Institutional Review Board and must include the appropriate endorsement language. The process is as follows:

  1. University Communications receives a request to send an e-mail University Communications Announcement regarding a study or survey to the university community.
  2. The University Communications staff member receiving the request forwards the request to the Office of Research Integrity of the Marshall University Research Corporation.
  3. The Office of Research Integrity staff checks to ensure a) that the study has been reviewed by the Institutional Review Board, and b) that the appropriate endorsement language is included in the e-mail announcement. One of the two following statements must be included in the e-mail announcement:
    This study has been approved by Marshall University’s Institutional Review Board under study number ___________. OR This study has been deemed by Marshall University’s Institutional Review Board not to be human subject research.
  4. The Office of Research Integrity sends the final, approved announcement—with the proper endorsement wording—back to the University Communications staff member.
  5. The University Communications staff member sends the announcement to the e-mail list.

Purchasing Procedure Changes for Promotional Items, Marketing and Advertising

Effective August 4, 2016, any promotional, marketing or advertising purchase will not be approved by the Office of Purchasing unless it comes from the University Communications Office. Purchase of these items should come through the centralized marketing budget. Any items purchased without compliance to the new procedure will be subject to refusal.

If you have questions about this new procedure, contact your beat person in University Communications or send general inquiries to