Tuesday, January 6, 2015
Contact: Beth Caruthers, College of Arts and Media, 304-696-3296

MU Board approves new arts degree

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. - Beginning in the fall, Marshall University students will be able to pursue a new type of arts degree through the College of Arts and Media.

The newly approved Bachelor of Arts in the Arts degree focuses on breadth with a liberal arts orientation as opposed to the "arts-intense" Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, College of Arts and Media Dean Donald Van Horn said.

"The new B.A. in the Arts is really just an entirely different degree," Van Horn said. "Students will be able to major in art, music, theatre or allied arts, a mix of the three."

Dr. Vicki Stroeher, Marshall's coordinator of music history and literature, who chaired the effort, said although the degree proposal process is laborious, the new possibilities now available to students are worth it.

"With this degree, students can explore arts-related careers and interests, including arts management, arts administration, arts criticism, arts therapy, and art or music history," Stroeher said. "Students will truly be able to design their curriculum in support of a dream in the arts."

"We anticipate a new cadre of students enrolling as majors in the College of Arts and Media with interest in alternative careers in the arts who would not have chosen Marshall or would have opted for a major in a different college at Marshall," Van Horn said.
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