Wednesday, October 18, 2006
Contact: Dave Wellman, Director of Communications, (304) 696-7153

Movie premiere to be shown at Keith-Albee, Pullman Square

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. - Marshall University announced today that about 5,000 people will have the opportunity to watch the premiere of "We Are Marshall" on Dec. 12 in Huntington.

That total includes more than 2,200 at the Keith-Albee Theatre and about 2,800 at Pullman Square's Marquee Cinemas, where the film will be shown simultaneously on 16 screens.

The premiere will include a pre-film reception at the Radisson Hotel Huntington and a post-film gala at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena for selected guests. Most of the movie's stars are expected to attend the premiere at the Keith-Albee, arriving in limousines and walking into the theatre on green carpet instead of the usual red. 

"We anticipate having an event that we will talk about for decades," Dr. H. Keith Spears, vice president for communications and marketing, said today during a news conference at the Joan C. Edwards Performing Arts Center. "It will be as close to the Oscars as we can get."

The green carpet will be placed on 4th Avenue, which will be lined with bleachers for media and spectators. Spears said although details have not been finalized, tickets will be sold the day of the premiere on a first-come, first-served basis for seats in the bleachers.

Marshall President Stephen J. Kopp announced that tickets to the Keith-Albee premiere are priced at $250, $500 and $1,000. Pullman Square tickets are $25. Kopp said net proceeds will be split in half - 50 percent to the Keith-Albee restoration and 50 percent to benefit Marshall University.

Anyone buying a $250 ticket will get a seat in the Keith-Albee and admission to the gala. A $500 ticket is good for a seat closer to the stars in the Keith-Albee and admission to the gala. Those paying $1,000 for a ticket will be able to attend the pre-film reception, be seated near the stars during the movie, and invited to attend the gala.

Tickets are expected to go on sale to the general public in early November. Information on how to purchase those tickets, and how many will still be available after the number of sponsors are determined, will be announced soon.  

Kopp said the response from those invited to sponsor the event has been good. "We have over 20 sponsors identified at this point," Kopp said. "Our goal is to do a first-class premiere." Sponsorships are available at a number of levels.

Kopp said a separate showing of "We Are Marshall" to surviving family members and the 1971 Marshall football team will take place earlier in the day on Dec. 12 at a time and place still to be determined.

The premiere of "We Are Marshall" will start at 7 p.m. at the Keith-Albee and at 8 p.m. at Pullman Square. The movie runs about 2 hours, 10 minutes, including credits, according to Spears.

"You will want to stay for the credits," Spears, who viewed the credits during a recent trip to Los Angeles, said. "McG (the director) has really outdone himself."

A Hollywood premiere of "We Are Marshall" is planned for Dec. 14.