Pre-Pharmacy Information

Pharmacy degrees were previously awarded as an undergraduate degree, but academic and professional standards have changed to require a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree. Marshall currently provides a four-year PharmD degree with classes in session from August to May each academic year.

The Marshall PharmD program can be a 2+4, 3+4, or 4+4 program, meaning students can complete the necessary prerequisite coursework for pharmacy school in as few as two or as many as four years before applying to the program.

Pre-Pharmacy Prerequisite Coursework

Admission to the Marshall School of Pharmacy Pharm. D. program is competitive. In order to be successfully considered for admission, applicants should meet the following requirements:

  • A recommended minimum 2.5 overall GPA on a 4.0 scale,
  • A recommended minimum 2.75 pre-pharmacy coursework GPA on a 4.0 scale, and
  • Completion of the PCAT, a PCAT score of 50 composite percentile or above, is recommended to be competitive
  • Successful completion of the following pre-pharmacy prerequisite coursework.
    (Successful completion is defined as receiving a “C” or better in the indicated course.)
English Composition 6 credit hours OR 2 semesters
Calculus 5 credit hours OR 1 semester
Statistics 3 credit hours OR 1 semester
Biology w/ Lab 8 credit hours OR 2 semesters
Chemistry w/ Lab 10 credit hours OR 2 semesters
Human Anatomy w/ Lab 4 credit hours OR 1 semester
Human Physiology w/ Lab 4 credit hours OR 1 semester
Microbiology w/ Lab 4 credit hours OR 1 semester
Organic Chemistry w/ Lab 9 credit hours OR 2 semesters
Physics w/ Lab 8 credit hours OR 2 semesters


  • CLICK HERE to download a helpful Pre-Requisite Digital Worksheet to help keep track of your coursework.


Pre-Pharmacy Prerequisite Sample Coursework for Marshall Students

Are you a Marshall University undergraduate student? Below is a sample plan for two-year completion of the pre-pharmacy prerequisites. We may accept more courses for certain pre-requisites, so please contact if you have any questions.


PRE-PHARMACY: Two Year Option*

FALL Year 1                                                              SPRING Year 1

ENG 101 English Composition 3 HRS BSC 227 Human Anatomy 4 HRS
MTH 229 Calculus** 5 HRS MTH 225 Intro to Statistics 3 HRS
BSC 120 General Biology 4 HRS BSC 121 General Biology II 4 HRS
CHM 211 General Chemistry 3 HRS CHM 212 General Chemistry II 3 HRS
CHM 217 (lab) 2 HRS CHM 218 (lab) 2 HRS
** Any algebra or preparatory MTH courses required prior to MTH 229 should be taken in summer prior to the fall semester.
FALL Year 2 SPRING Year 2
ENG 201 English Composition II 3 HRS BSC 250 Micro & Human Disease 4 HRS
BSC 228 Human Physiology 4 HRS Free Elective 3 HRS†
CHM 355 Organic Chemistry 3 HRS CHM 356 Organic Chemistry II 3 HRS
PHY 201 Physics 3 HRS CHM 361 (lab) 3 HRS
PHY 202 (lab) 1 HR PHY 203 Physics II 3 HRS
Social Science elective 3 HRS‡ PHY 204 (lab) 1 HR

*Students who choose to spread the pre-requisites over more than two years should work with their pre-health professions advisor to develop a plan that will meet the student’s needs.

† Free elective course should be 100 level or higher    
‡ Any course listed on the MU General Education page (Core II course list) as a Social Science elective  

TOTAL PREREQUISITE COURSEWORK – 67 HOURS (Addt’l if MTH coursework required prior to fall enrollment)