Mission & Vision

Marshall University School of Pharmacy Mission Statement

The mission of the Marshall University School of Pharmacy (MUSOP) is to advance direct pharmacy patient care by developing innovative practitioners, researchers, and educators. MUSOP conducts research and provides services directed toward the goal of improving the health and well-being of West Virginians, veterans, and residents of the tri-state region and the nation.

Marshall University School of Pharmacy Vision Statement

We are … Marshall!
We are … leaders in innovation, education, practice, and research!
We are … the future of Pharmacy Education!

Marshall University School of Pharmacy Culture Statement

Marshall University School of Pharmacy…

Strives to maintain a culture that values individual perspectives, experiences, and opinions. The faculty, staff, and students will be:

  • Compassionate,
  • Congenial,
  • Collaborative, and
  • Committed to the concept of community.

Commits to supporting individual, school, and university pursuits of achievement. The faculty, staff, and students foster and support a community of:

  • Creative innovation, and
  • Competitive motivation.

Demonstrates excellence in education through:

  • Centering upon the student,
  • Continuous quality improvement, and
  • Consenting to and accepting the risks of innovation

Demands that faculty, staff, and students daily exhibit:

  • Competency,
  • Character, and
  • Commitment to the community we serve.

Improves the lives of southern West Virginians, veterans, and the residents of the tri-state area by:

  • Caring for those we serve,
  • Cost-effectively providing care, and
  • Causing evolution and/or improvement in pharmacy practice.