Caught ‘Ya Recognition Program

This program is intended to recognize faculty, staff, and students who actively demonstrate the values that are included in our MUSOP Culture Statement and to embed these behaviors and values in our school through positive reinforcement and recognition.

Each month features one “C” from our Culture Statement.  We will announce the monthly “theme” at the beginning of the month via Facebook, email, digital display.  Anyone can submit a “CaughtYa” note using the form below.  This note should explain who was caught and how they demonstrated one of the “Cs” from the MUSOP culture statement.  Please keep it short to fit the constraints of all social media channels.  The “catch” will be captured in a monthly graphic to be shared on our social media channels and digital display boards.  You can submit a “CaughtYa” for any of the culture categories below at any time during the year and we will post them during the month the particular “C” is being featured.

Example – #CaughtYa Karen D doing a great job with the website – Megan R #creativity

January – #Compassion
February – #Congeniality
March – #Collaboration
April – #CommitmentToCommunity
May – #Creativity
June – #CompetitiveMotivation
July – #StudentCenteredness
August – #ContinuousImprovement
September – #Competency
October – #Character
November – #Caring
December – #Courage

Caught 'Ya Submission Form
Your Name
Please select your role at Marshall University School of Pharmacy.
Please select the MUSOP role of the person you are recognizing.
Please select the Culture "C" of quality for which you would like to recognize this individual.
Please provide a short explanation of your interaction with this individual which led to this nomination.