The PharmD Program

Application Deadline

General Decision: Monday, June 1, 2021


Marshall University currently provides a four-year Pharm.D. degree with didactic classes in session from August to May each academic year. The Marshall University Pharm.D. program does not require a Bachelor’s degree for admission. Students can complete the necessary prerequisite coursework for pharmacy school in as few as two years from any regionally accredited institution.

Pre-Pharmacy Prerequisite Coursework (Fall 2021)

Admission to the Marshall University School of Pharmacy Pharm. D. program is competitive. In order to be successfully considered for admission, applicants should meet the following requirements:

  • A recommended minimum 2.5 overall GPA on a 4.0 scale,
  • A recommended minimum 2.75 prerequisite coursework GPA on a 4.0 scale, and
  • Successful completion of the following pre-pharmacy prerequisite coursework. Successful completion is defined as receiving a “C” or better in the indicated course.
  • Starting Fall 2020: Marshall University School of Pharmacy will no longer require the PCAT (Pharmacy College Admissions Test) for applicants.
English Composition 6 credit hours OR 2 semesters
Calculus 3 credit hours OR 1 semester
Statistics 3 credit hours OR 1 semester
Biology w/ Lab 8 credit hours OR 2 semesters
Chemistry w/ Lab 8 credit hours OR 2 semesters
Human Anatomy w/ Lab 4 credit hours OR 1 semester
Human Physiology w/ Lab 4 credit hours OR 1 semester
Microbiology w/ Lab 4 credit hours OR 1 semester
Organic Chemistry w/ Lab 8 credit hours OR 2 semesters
Physics w/ Lab 4 credit hours OR 1 semester
Social Science 3 credit hours OR 1 semester

Total minimum credit hours: 55 hours

Download a helpful Pre-Requisite Digital Worksheet to help keep track of your coursework.

If you have questions regarding substitutions for prerequisite coursework, please email and include the following: name of college/university, course description, and course syllabus.

Other Circumstances

Students are encouraged to reapply if previously not admitted into the School of Pharmacy. Students can use their PharmCAS application from the previous year, which will include all data entered (which cannot be changed, only added to). Students will still need to submit new transcripts, personal statement, and letters of recommendation. Students interested in re-applying to the Pharm.D. program are welcome to speak with the Office of Student Affairs to discuss suggestions for improving their pharmacy application.

To speak with an individual regarding reapplying or transferring, contact 304-696-7354 or e-mail


The Marshall University School of Pharmacy takes a holistic view of an applicant’s background for the purpose of admission. The following guidelines are required to be met for admission:

  1. Expected completion of all pre-pharmacy coursework prior to fall enrollment, with a recommended minimum GPA of 2.5 overall and 2.75 for prerequisite coursework. (Please note: completion of an undergraduate degree is not required.)
  2. Completion and submission of all required application documents and fees (see instructions below)
  3. Satisfactory completion of on-campus candidate interview

International applicants should complete the TOEFL with a minimum composite score of 80.

MUSOP reviews and admits applicants on a rolling admissions basis. Early applicants may be eligible for additional scholarships. Please contact the Office of Student Affairs at or 304-696-7354 for more information.

Please Note: If you are in the OIG (Office of the Inspector General) Exclusion Database you will not be able to complete the curriculum of the PharmD program. Health care entities are prohibited from having workers or students in the OIG Exclusion database.

Step 1

Students must complete an application for admission via the PharmCAS website. Applications must be completed and submitted electronically by the appropriate application deadline.

2020-21 Deadline

General Decision: June 1, 2021

As part of the PharmCAS application, you will be expected to:

  • Submit an official College/University transcript to PharmCAS from each previously attended college. Advise the Registrar’s Office to enclose the PharmCAS Transcript Request Form with your official sealed transcript and mail it directly to PharmCAS. If the form is not included with your transcript, PharmCAS may have difficulty matching your transcript to your application and it may be delayed. PharmCAS will also accept official electronic transcripts from each attended college. For additional information, please visit
  • Secure three letters of recommendation. Letters of recommendation are key in the initial review for interview consideration. Highest consideration of recommendations are allotted to those who can attest to your academic success in the program, such as an academic advisor or faculty member. One letter is required to be submitted by a science faculty.

Step 2

In addition to PharmCAS, a supplemental application must be submitted along with a non-refundable $100 supplemental application fee.

Step 3

After submission and verification of the PharmCAS application, the Admissions Committee will invite selected students for an on-site interview. Applications will be considered in the order they are received. Upon completion of the interview, candidates selected for admission will generally receive an offer within 7-10 business days.

If you are admitted to the Marshall University School of Pharmacy, you will be notified via phone and postal mail. Students are required to pay a non-refundable $500 enrollment deposit to save a seat in the class. The deadline for deposit submission will be clearly identified on the acceptance letter.

Once you sign and return your deposit, than you can officially declare yourself as a member of the Herd and the newest member of our “pharmily”!

Please contact the Office of Student Affairs at 304-696-7354 or with any questions.

Step 4

Marshall University School of Pharmacy requires newly admitted students to complete the online Graduate College application. This application requires a $40 non-refundable application fee for domestic students and $65 for international students. For additional information, please contact the Graduate Admissions office at 304-746-1900/1901 or Upon admittance to the Marshall University Graduate College, students will be enrolled for the fall semester.

Step 5

Apply for the Federal Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) after October 1. The FAFSA determines student eligibility for federal and state financial aid. For additional information, please visit Marshall University’s Student Financial Assistance website.

Marshall University School of Pharmacy offers a variety of student scholarships. Please visit the Scholarship Opportunities page for information and application forms for current awards.

The deadline for all scholarship applications is March 15th of each year. Questions pertaining to scholarships should be directed to the Office of Student Affairs at 304-696-7354 or MUSOP

As an additional value, Marshall University School of Pharmacy covers the cost for 3 national APhA (American Pharmacists Association) certifications:

Additional Requirements (Upon Matriculation):

Student Health Insurance

As of August 2015, all PharmD students are required to have or purchase high-quality health insurance due to the inherent risks that pharmacy students are exposed to at experiential education sites. Information for the 2019-20 academic year will be updated as the new contract is awarded. Students may select health insurance plans through the default plan provided by AIG.

Students of the School of Pharmacy are AUTOMATICALLY enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan unless proof of other insurance coverage is demonstrated. All students who are enrolled may also insure their eligible dependents. Details as to the definition of eligible student and eligible dependents, fees, and waiver requirements are available at

Students who already have a health insurance plan that offers coverage meeting specific criteria can request a waiver of the requirement to purchase this plan. Students that anticipate requesting a waiver should carefully review the waiver criteria and requirements on the student health insurance plan website.

Note: Student health insurance will be covered as a topic during P1 orientation. There is no action that needs to be taken prior to the beginning of the fall semester. 


Students attending Marshall University School of Pharmacy will need to have reliable transportation and a valid driver’s license to complete rotation requirements.


Students will be required to obtain certain immunizations to be eligible for rotations. Please contact the Office of Experiential Learning for a full list of requirements.

Internet Access

To participate in online technologies, students will need to have access to reliable internet during the academic year.


First Year (P1) – Fall

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
PHAR 541 Intro to Pharmacy 1 4
PHAR 542 Immunology and Microbiology 4
PHAR 546 Pharm Biochemistry 4
PHAR 511 Clinical Immunology 1
PHAR 531 Biopharmaceutics 1 3
PHAR 522 Intro to MedChem 2
Total Semester Hours: 18

First Year (P1) – Spring

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
PHAR 543 Intro to Pharmacy 2 4
PHAR 544 Principles of Disease and Drug Action 4
PHAR 532 Biopharmaceutics 2 3
PHAR 521 Integrated Lab I 2
PHAR 545 Therapeutics 1 – OTC 4
PHAR 811 IPPE Community 1 1
PHAR 819 IPPE Longitudinal *
Total Semester Hours: 18

First Year (P1) – Summer

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
PHAR 821 IPPE Institutional 2
Total Semester Hours: 2

Second Year (P2) – Fall

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
PHAR 631 Pharmacometrics 3
PHAR 632 Practice Management 1 – Leadership 3
PHAR 621 Pharmacy Law and Ethics 2
PHAR 622 Exploration of Competency and Responsibility in Pharmacy Practice (D. I. and Communications) 2
PHAR 661 Therapeutics 2 – ID, Immuno, Skin, ENT 6
PHAR 611 Integrated Lab II 1
PHAR 813 IPPE Community 2 1
PHAR 819 IPPE Longitudinal *
Total Semester Hours: 18

Second Year (P2) – Spring

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
PHAR 671 Therapeutics 3 – Cardio, Renal, Electro, Pulmonary 7
PHAR 633 Patient Care Lab 2 3
PHAR 634 Practice Management 2 – Financial Management 3
PHAR 612 Therapeutic Drug Dosing (Clinical Pharmacometrics) 1
PHAR 635 Bridging Research Outcomes and Patient Care (Clinical Study Design and Lit Review) 3
PHAR 819 IPPE Longitudinal *
Total Semester Hours: 17

Second Year (P2) – Summer

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
PHAR 816 IPPE Inpatient Clinical Skills 1
PHAR 711 MTM Certification Program 1
Total Semester Hours: 2

Third Year (P3) – Fall

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
PHAR 722 Pharmacy Practice Management III: Patient Safety 2
PHAR 741 Therapeutics 5 – Endocrine Diseases, Genitourinary Diseases, and Reproduction 4
PHAR 751 Therapeutics 4 – Neurologic and Psychiatric diseases 5
PHAR ### Elective 3
PHAR 815/817 IPPE Management or Outpatient Clinical Skills 1
PHAR 819 IPPE Longitudinal *
Total Semester Hours: 15

Third Year (P3) – Spring

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
PHAR 731 Case Studies in Pharmacy Practice 3
PHAR 761 Therapeutics 6 – Hematological Diseases, Oncological Diseases, Musculoskeletal Diseases, Gastrointestinal Diseases, Hepatic Diseases, And Nutrition 6
PHAR 721 Therapeutics 7 – Providing Care to Special Populations 2
PHAR ### Elective 3
PHAR 815/817 IPPE Management or Outpatient Clinical Skills 1
PHAR 819 IPPE Longitudinal 1
PHAR 712 APhA Diabetes Certificate Program 1
PHAR ### NAPLEX and Law Review Pre-APPE 0
Total Semester Hours: 17

Fourth Year (P4) – Fall/Spring/Summer

Total Credit Hours: 151



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The Basics

What is a Doctor of Pharmacy?
How long does it take to complete the PharmD program?
Do you have a PhD or PharmD/MBA program?
Can you complete the program online or part-time?
How many students apply to the PharmD program? How many are accepted?
Am I considered an in-state or out-of-state student?
I really like Marshall, but I heard you weren't fully accredited. Isn't it important to go to an accredited School/College of Pharmacy?
What does your academic calendar look like?

The Application Process

When should I apply?
What's the difference between Early Decision vs. Regular Decision?
Is a bachelor's degree required for admission?
When is the latest date I can take the PCAT?
Do I need to have all my prerequisites completed before I apply?
Is there a time limit on prerequisite coursework?
Can I take prerequisite courses at the School of Pharmacy?
Do you admit international students?
What are the requirements for letters of recommendation?
Is work experience in the pharmacy field required for admission?

Coursework & Equivalencies

My institution teaches Anatomy & Physiology as one course, not as two separate courses. Will it count?
My institution teaches XXX class for 4 credits but it looks as though I need 5 credits. Will this count?
Is there a time requirement for prerequisite coursework?
I received a D the first time I took XXX prerequisite course, but received a B on the second attempt. Do you take the highest grade?
Do you accept AP scores for prerequisites?

The Interview & Admission

Can you tell me about the interview process?
What should I wear?
I can't make it to Marshall. Can I Skype my interview?
When will I receive my admission notification?
Is there a waitlist for applicant admission?
If I am not accepted, can I reapply?

Tuition & Financial Aid

How much is tuition and fees?
Is financial aid available?
How do I apply?
I have attended an institution for three years and will enroll my 'senior' year as a P1 student into Marshall. Can I transfer my state or federal financial aid money I have with left?

Experiential Learning

How do rotations work?
Am I required to have a driver's license and vehicle?
What is an IPPE and an APPE?
Will IPPEs and APPEs completed within the curriculum meet the requirements for state licensure? Or will I need extra hours in addition to the program?
Where will my IPPE locations be located?
Can I have an APPE rotation in my hometown? OR I know a pharmacist in my hometown. Can I do an APPE rotation with them?


Is a laptop required for the program?
Can I work while in the PharmD program?
Do you have block exams?
Do you have any housing recommendations while in the program?
Is parking available at the School of Pharmacy?
What do all of those acronyms mean? (IPPE, APPE, MUSOP, OSCE, etc.)